ACS Certified

Leave your impression on the world. Formulate a rewarding career in the chemical sciences with a BS in Chemistry from Michigan Tech. Our program prepares you to contribute to the nucleus of chemical advancements in diverse fields.

Chemistry is known as the central science, connecting the physical sciences, life sciences, and applied sciences. Chemists create the fabric of our everyday lives (sometimes literally), contributing to the production of the chemicals, materials, and products that substantiate our existence. Whether you envision yourself designing new textiles, pharmaceuticals, healthier foods, or the latest on-trend cosmetics, there is sure to be a chemistry career pathway to suit your interests.

"My time in the chemistry department has given me several awesome opportunities from research to internships to coops. The professors here really care about your education and are always willing to help you out."Samuel Willard, '19, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major

Chemistry majors learn best in a lab setting. Our degree program will challenge you to reach far beyond classroom chemistry theory and rote experimentation—you’ll quickly learn your way around our advanced labs and equipment, with the majority of your time being spent conducting research (independently and alongside faculty) and creatively exploring the real-world applications of chemistry.

Degree Concentrations

The Department of Chemistry offers a selection of specialty concentrations available with the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, many of which are interdisciplinary in nature and provide a blended course of study.

Career Pathways

Undecided about your postgraduation plans? No matter. As long as you have an interest in chemistry, you’ll have no trouble finding your own unique career pathway. The field of chemistry is wide open, with diverse career opportunities available in industry, government, and academia.