High School Visit Program

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, high school visits to our department have been suspended until the fall.

Come and Explore

Each spring semester, the Department of Biological Sciences provides the opportunity for high school science classes to spend a day on campus attending a college-level lecture, participating in a lab activity, and talking with faculty and staff about careers in life science. Included in the activities is lunch at Wadsworth Hall.

This past year, 170 high-school students (varying from 9th to 12th grade), from eight different schools, received a warm welcome to our department and Michigan Tech—and also a first-hand look at college academics. Students attended an Anatomy and Physiology lecture, learned about careers in the life sciences, and attended several hands-on laboratories led by our graduate and undergraduate students.

For more information—or to schedule a visit—please contact Travis Wakeham, our high school visit coordinator.

We look forward to your visit!