Worried About Someone?

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Michigan Tech and Mental Health Services are dedicated to maintaining the well-being of the Michigan Tech community and to all Michigan Tech students. Whether you are a faculty or staff member, parent, friend, or roommate, you have the ability to report your concern for a Michigan Tech student to the Dean of Students. To ensure that student's needs are met and the appropriate office or offices are involved, the Dean of Students Office has created a tool for reporting your concern based on the type of concern you may have. Please utilize the Report a Concern tool here.

If you have concerns about the physical well-being of a student, contact Public Safety to request a health and well-being check. This check is conducted to ensure that the student is safe and provided with the resources necessary to make sure their safety is continued. If it is an emergency involving physical harm or a threat to life, call Public Safety or dial 911 (if you are out of the area, dial 866-411-0018 to reach Negaunee Central Dispatch). In cases of psychological emergencies, contact Mental Health Services during business hours or Public Safety after business hours.