Ombuds Office


Mission Statement

The Michigan Tech Ombuds Office is a place where members of the University community can go for informal conflict mediation services. In order to afford clients the greatest freedom in using its services, the office is independent, neutral, and confidential.

What We Do

The Ombuds Office provides informal mediation services for members of the Michigan Tech academic community. We provide services to help individuals resolve their concerns fairly and informally. Informal conflict resolution services are intended to be employed prior to initiating any formal grievance procedures. We do not handle issues specifically addressed by collective bargaining agreements for employees who are represented by labor unions.

The Ombuds Office

  • operates independently as a supplement to existing administrative and formal grievance procedures and has no formal decision-making authority;
  • does not act as an advocate for either side in any dispute; and
  • operates confidentially, which means we do not acknowledge who has—or has not—used the office or its services, without the permission of the parties requesting services.

The office keeps no formal written records and does not "accept notice” of problems for the University. Consulting the Ombuds Office does not, therefore, constitute making formal notification to the University of alleged violations of policy, procedures, or laws.

Faculty, staff, and students seeking to formally notify the University of a concern or a complaint must

  1. make notice to another unit or office charged with receiving formal notice of complaints or concern, or
  2. request and grant written permission that the Ombuds Office make the appropriate University office or unit aware of the complaint or concern being raised. The Ombuds Office does not participate in any succeeding formal grievance procedures.

Contact Information

You may contact the Ombuds Office at:

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