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Confidentiality is essential to the work of The Ombuds Office. The Ombuds Office will not identify you or discuss your concerns with anyone without your permission unless the Ombudsperson determines that there is an imminent risk of serious harm or the Ombudsperson is compelled to do so. (For example, an ombudsperson may be subpoenaed.)

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The Ombuds office provides an impartial and objective resource for the  employees of Michigan Tech and both undergraduate and graduate students. The ombudsperson looks for ways for individuals and groups to create mutual understanding and benefit.  She considers the rights and interests of all parties and does not take sides.  The ombudsperson has no decision-making authority and does not judge, discipline or reward anyone. 

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The Ombuds office officially reports to the President about issues and trends but is independent of any University structure and will not report individually identifiable information.  The ombudsperson advocates for fair process and its implementation.

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The ombudsperson functions on an informal and off-the-record basis.  She listens, receives and provides information, helps to clarify issues and develop a range of responsible options. With the permission of the visitor or caller, and at her discretion, the ombudsperson may seek additional information or clarification to better understand the nature of a problem. However, she does not create files or documentation about the cases her office reviews. 

The Ombudsperson is not authorized to accept “legal” notice for Michigan Technological University. The ombudsperson follows no prescribed sequence of steps, and does not participate in any formal grievance process. If you wish to engage in a formal procedure, such as filing a grievance or putting the University on notice, the ombudsperson can give you information about how to do so.  

About the Ombudsperson

Susanna Peters JD

  • University Ombuds
Academic Office Building 219

Contact The Ombuds Office

 **Due to COVID-19, calls will be directed to voicemail. Please email or leave a call back number and the Ombuds will return your call from her cellphone. You may also text your callback number to 906-231-3630.  Meetings will take place on Zoom or by phone.

What an Ombuds Does

The Ombuds Office provides confidential and informal problem solving for members of the Michigan Tech academic community, including conflict resolution and mediation services. We provide services to help individuals resolve their concerns fairly and informally. Informal conflict resolution services are intended to be employed prior to initiating any formal grievance procedures.

The Ombuds Office can assist you by:

  • carefully listening to you and helping you to analyze the situation and evaluate your options;
  • researching and explaining relevant University policies, procedures, and problem-solving channels;
  • informally mediating disputes between willing members of the Michigan Tech community;  
  • initiating non-adversarial, problem-solving discussions with other involved parties (only with your permission); and
  • making referrals to other campus and community resources. 

Frequently Asked Questions