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For real-time mental health support or individual counseling, check out My SSP.

Welcome to the Center for Student Mental Health and Well-being (CSMHW). CSMHW is devoted to improving the overall well-being of Michigan Tech students. Operating through The Be Well Initiative, which focuses on four facets of well-being, we deliver a wide-range of services to address the mental health, physical & sexual health, academic & career success, and social fulfillment of our students.

Our mental health services, which includes our on-campus center and our new telehealth program, My SSP, offers the opportunity for every student to receive mental health support, if needed, while they are at Michigan Tech. CSMHW provides short-term, solution-focused mental health counseling utilizing a stepped-care approach. Through this approach students are provided with the most effective, least-intensive type of treatment needed to address the concerns they are experiencing. Combined with supports such as workshops, online resources, and group therapy, our services allow students to fully engage academically and socially during their time at Michigan Tech. 

Our new telehealth program, My SSP, offers individual counseling and access to self-help resources through an online platform. Students can either schedule an appointment to work with a counselor or receive immediate support. My SSP also uses a short-term, solution-focused approach to individual counseling. Access to a counselor to address day-to-day concerns, crises, or emergencies is available 24/7. In addition to around the clock access to mental health support, My SSP offers the unique ability to request a counselor with a shared language, culture, or identity background. To access My SSP, students can download the app, visit their website, or call in to receive support.

The Health and Well-being team focuses on providing programming and education on physical health and overall life balance. The goal of the team is to promote, facilitate, and encourage discussion and growth of the overall well-being of students. Aiming to equip students with the tools they need to grow and maintain a balanced lifestyle, the team offers peer mentoring, events, workshops, and presentations on a range of topics including substance use, nutrition and sexual health, and overall well-being.

We look forward to providing you with the support you need to Be Well and thrive physically, mentally, academically while you are at Michigan Tech.

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  • 59+
    Health & Well-being events per year
  • 21
    groups and workshops every semester
  • Over 900
    students on average utilize mental health services on campus each year
  • 73%
    of Michigan Tech students report feeling a strong sense of belonging at Michigan Tech