The Dean of Students Office is a resource center for all Michigan Tech students. Our goal is to guide, support, and, on occasion, challenge students in their academic and personal endeavors. Student success is at the heart of our work.

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15 hours ago - SWE's evening of industry @michigantech keynote speaker, Britta Jost. #smart woman
Saturday - Bound and determined to do Schoolyard Olympics. It's been rained out twice. Looks like today is the day. #michigantech
Saturday - Staff welcoming prospective students to #michigantech #crazysmart
September 18 - Nice finish. Good friends. #michigantech #keweenawcolorrun
September 18 - Color Run #michigantech
September 17 - My Instagram teacher hard at work. Thank you.#michigantech
September 17 - Food festival has begun following annual Parade of Nations. Year 26. #michigantech
September 14 - USG 2016 @michigantech #leadership
September 14 - Tonight @michigantech. #safetyawareness
September 9 - K-day fun @michigantech. #get involved
September 8 - Nice New signage in the residence halls #michigantech. Keeping everyone safe.
September 6 - WoooWeee! Look what just arrived in my office! A coffee mug with @michigantech 2016 OTL's wrapped around it. I love it and them!! Thank you. #owk16
August 26 - I met 99% of @michigantech's 1st year students. If you are one of the 13 I missed, come say hi. #owk16
August 24 - Paint U #owk16
August 23 - I couldn't agree with you more Drew Magary. #owk2026 #michigantech.
August 21 - Our New students have arrived! #owk2016 #michigantech
August 21 - They woke up like this. Ready to meet everyone. #owk2016 #michigantech
August 19 - Enjoying coffee with a student. Getting ready for O-week. #michigantech
August 18 - OTLs wobble. #owk16 #michigantech
August 18 - My "Olympic team" at the student affairs kick off. #oweek2016 #michigantech

Dean's List

If you complete 12 or more grade point credits with a 3.5 GPA or higher, you are recognized on the Dean’s List.

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