Student Affairs at Michigan Tech | Extraordinary Excellence

Student Affairs plays a significant role in preparing Michigan Tech graduates to make a difference in our world. We seek direction from our mission, vision, and values to provide innovative student-centered activities, programs and services; promote civic engagement and responsibility; and develop strong leadership and team-building capabilities, critical thinking, and ethical awareness.

Our Mission

We prepare students to create the future and we make their success our highest priority.

Our Vision

Create Possibilities. Inspire Learning. Exceed Expectations.

Our Priorities

To promote and sustain our re-imagined culture of organizational learning and excellence, we are guided by the following annual priorities until further notice:

  • Achieving staff excellence, diversity, inclusion, and sense of belonging
  • Achieving student excellence, diversity, inclusion, and sense of belonging
  • Creating a culture of planning, assessment, and data-informed decision-making
  • Creating a culture of internal and external engagement
  • Creating a culture of development and philanthropy to support our aspirations

Our Goals

  • Create Pride and Affinity
  • Foster Student Success
  • Cultivate a Culture of Philanthropy
  • Provide the Michigan Tech Experience

Our Values

The success of Michigan Tech students is the most important measure of our progress.  Given this, we are committed to inspiring:

  • An engaged community that actively seeks improvement through acceptance and understanding.
  • Students to achieve world-class scholarship through academics, research, and continued learning.
  • The exploration and creation of all possibilities through innovative use of their skills and knowledge.
  • Individuals to hold themselves accountable, and to act with integrity, honesty, and diligence.
  • The tenacity required to make ethical choices and to persevere through all obstacles.
  • The leadership needed for all individuals to boldly push everyday boundaries while serving others.

Our Learning Goals

Students who use services and/or participate in programs, initiatives and employment through Students Affairs will develop individual and professional skills to be successful at Michigan Tech and beyond.  Students will develop:


  • 1A)  Communication skills
  • 1B)  Critical thinking skills
  • 1C)  Conflict management


  • 2A)  How to foster an effective team environment
  • 2B)  How and why creating an inclusive and respectful environment is important
  • 2C)  Why being a socially responsible and ethical citizen matters
  • 2D)  Why wellbeing is important


  • 3A)  Provide experiences that allow them to recognize how their identity and strengths provide the framework for their leadership style
  • 3B)  Demonstrate their responsibility and understanding for responsible and ethical choices
  • 3C)  Recognize the role mindset plays in success