CMS Style Guide

Our web style guide documents design standards for all Michigan Tech websites. It also includes examples for all widgets available in our central CMS with links to instructions on how to create them. In additional to this style guide, you can learn more about our website requirements and our University web policy.

General Webpage Standards

The following guidelines can be used:


  • Black (#000) background
  • Gold Michigan Tech logo, aligned to the left, linking back to the Michigan Tech homepage
  • Gold font color for links (#FC0)


  • Black (#000) background
  • White font color for links and other text (#FFF)
  • Gold color text for special statements such as an EOE statement (#FC0)


  • Webpage background-color: white (#FFF)
  • Font families:
    • Open Sans or sans serif should be the default
    • Georgia or serif can be used for special pull quotes
  • Font size: no less than the equivalent of 15px in the main body
  • Links: #2F7ABD or similar
  • Rollover buttons—a call-to-action link in the form of a button:
    • Button background: #FC0
    • Font-weight: 600 or semi-bold if available, otherwise bold
    • Alignment: both the button and the text in the button should be centered

CMS Widgets

Examples of layouts and functionality within the CMS are provided for Michigan Tech CMS users' reference and as design recommendations for external vendors tasked with creating Michigan Tech websites.

Page Design and Layout

Style and Format

Content Widgets

Image and Multimedia Widgets

Additional Functionality