University Marketing and Communications

Snapchat Takeover Request and Contract

Fill out this form to request dates for a Snapchat Takeover. Once approved, all participants in the takeover must complete the form as well.

Takeover Dates

Please check availability then choose a time slot of one to three days.

Rules and Requirements

By checking the box below and entering your name you agree to the following.

  • Read the Michigan Tech Social Media Field Guide for our policies, goals, and audiences. Afterwards, let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas.
  • Read and abide by Snapchat's rules.
  • Do not share our Snapchat login or password information with anyone. Not Blizzard. Not your best friend.
  • Do not attempt to login after your takeover has ended.
  • Do not Snap in class. You may ask your professor for special permission to take a photo of a unique project or class event. If you are capturing video inside a lab, be sure proper safety equipment is used by everyone at all times.
  • Do not reply to direct messages.
  • Do not post negative things about Michigan Tech, the people of Michigan Tech, or other schools.
  • Review your text prior to posting. Check basic spelling and grammar.
  • Remember, you're representing more than 7,000 Huskies. If you wouldn't want your parents seeing it, don't share it with the world.
    • No partying
    • No drugs
    • No drinking
    • No nudity
    • No hate speech
    • No swear words or vulgar language, including abbreviations or acronyms for swear words (e.g. lmao)
  • Any misuse of the university Snapchat account may be reported to the Office of Academic and Community Conduct.
Michigan Tech social media administrators will monitor your takeover.

Please type your first and last name.