Academic Information

Academic Advisors

Your academic advisor is your most valuable source of information about course selection, scheduling, and academic opportunities within your major. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with your advisor during your first-year or transfer Orientation program. View the full list of academic advisors.

General Education

All students are required to complete the University's general education curriculum in addition to major-specific course work. Michigan Tech’s general education curriculum enables all students to develop an understanding of science and the social and cultural contexts of our contemporary world. During your first year, you will take two core courses:


Michigan Tech offers a variety of minors to broaden your academic study. A typical minor consists of 16–20 credits. For more information about minors and other degree options, see the Undergraduate Catalog.

Scheduling Information for Engineering Majors

The first-year engineering program is designed to provide an overview of the engineering profession. In addition to introducing students to engineering fundamentals, our program groups students together in cohorts. Each cohort consists of 20 to 24 students who will all be enrolled in the same calculus, physics, and engineering courses. Engineering students who are enrolled in or who have received credit for calculus will be placed in a cohort together.

Students enrolled in Data, Functions, and Graphs Plus and Engineering and Science Application in Precalculus will be scheduled for common classes. This common schedule provides the same benefits as a cohort. If you aren't enrolled in both of these courses, you will be placed in a cohort when you are ready to take Calculus I.

Engineering students will be automatically scheduled for their core courses based on their math ACT score, Advanced Placement Test score, or the results of their online Math Placement Test. Any additional courses will be scheduled during Orientation.

If you have questions about the first-year engineering program or scheduling, contact Engineering Fundamentals at 906-487-3057.