Carl Blair

Carl Blair


  • Teaching Professor, History & Anthropology
  • PhD, Archaeology, University of Minnesota, 1992


Hello, I am Dr. Carl Blair, a faculty member in the Department of Social Sciences.

So, who am I?  Depends on who is asking what: I am by academic training an interdisciplinary field archaeologist with an extensive background and skills in excavation, survey and most importantly project design.  If you look at what I do: I am a teacher, possibly my favorite thing right now, in particular I like to help students develop their skills in studying and understanding complex societies, anything from the European Bronze Age up to and including the near future. What do I study: societal complexity, in many forms, theatrical lighting (strange but true, my first profession), and the practicalities of early technologies, in particular iron smelting – in all due immodesty I am currently the most experienced experimental archaeology metal smelter in the world now, but still I have much to learn!  Finally, I am a husband, father, son and uncle – all of which I adore.

What do I do?  I teach, conduct research – by setting things on fire – see iron smelting above, and also, I direct and help develop study abroad programs.


Research Interests

  • Experimental Archaeology
  • Early Large scale iron production
  • Roman and Anglo-Saxon England
  • Rise of socially complex societies
  • International program development