Student working with robotics used for studying human interaction.

Strength in Diversity

Diversity is good for problem solving. The more perspectives we bring to the table, the better opportunity we have to create innovative and transformative solutions.

 Alumni Spotlight

Nicole Lopez

Nicole Lopez

Before she became an FBI agent, 2008 Michigan Tech graduate Nicole Lopez guarded terrorists in military prisons and conducted night raids as part of an elite military team identifying High-Value Targets in Afghanistan. None of the accomplishments came easy. Hearing loss, discovered in early childhood, presented extra hurdles.

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Students Teach Community Members Computer Skills

  • 50/50

    career placement of ACSHF program graduates is equally split between academia and industry

  • 90th

    last year, Tech students rated 41% of CLS faculty as exceptional—placing them in the 90th percentile of all Michigan Tech instructors

  • 100%

    all undergraduate students participate in research or a field experience

  • 99

    last year, 99 teachers participated in professional development workshops or courses