Annual Requirements and Reauthorization

After one year of operations an annual report is due August 30th of each year. Once that annual report has been submitted to the AVPRD, the shared facility’s annual grant from the VPR will be released to the facility, with the earliest date of release being July 1. An annual report updating facility staffing, policies, and procedures; updating of the facility equipment listed on the Equipment Finder page; and an annual safety inspection by RIO are required for continued authorization.

At the end of the five-year authorization period, a major review consisting of an assessment of a fifth-year annual update report, a presentation (use the provided template: five year renewal presentation), a description of facility use over the previous five years, and a description of facility financial position will be required for a five-year reauthorization. Use fees will continue to be reviewed as they are now.

Please submit electronically to

Note - Annual reports and requests for funding should be separate documents