Geospatial Research Facility

Mission and Purpose

The Geospatial Research Facility (GRF), established in 2014 and housed in the Great Lakes Research Center, aims to make Michigan Technological University the leading geospatial research institution in the Midwest by providing:

  • Expert geographic information science (GIS) support for researchers & students;
  • Access to specialized geospatial equipment, software, and laboratories;
  • A cutting-edge suite of geospatial servers and GIS data repositories for advanced geospatial research and teaching for the entire MTU community and beyond

The facility seeks to bring together researchers from across campus currently using geospatial data and methods, and provide a space to those who wish to apply GIS in their research programs.

The GRF employs both professional GISP staff and student-researchers, promoting GIS-training, 'real-world' project management, and interdisciplinary collaboration research experiences. 


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