History of Existing Degree Programs

The Board of Trustees of Michigan Tech has approved degree programs since 1916.  Graduate and undergraduate degree programs are listed below by date of approval.  Not all degree programs are currently active (for active degree programs click here).

Approval dates for degrees reflect Board of Trustees approval as recorded in its minutes.  Approval dates for minors and undergraduate certificates reflect the administrative approval date (no Board of Trustees approval is required).  Approval dates for graduate certificates reflect the date of final approval by the State of Michigan; however, such approval was not required after 2010.  On April 21, 2010, International Dual Graduate Degrees were authorized with rules and processes defined by the Senate.

Approval dates for existing degrees are based on information compiled from  

  • The Office of Student Records and Registration (OSRR) vault of degrees approved and conferred (denoted by “c”), including Degrees Conferred By Name,1888-1974
  • University Catalogs (1943-1944 volume not printed due to World War Two)
  • Board of Trustees Minutes
  • Abstract of the Proceedings of the Michigan College of Mining and Technology, 1935, (denoted by “a”)
  • Faculty Senate Minutes (denoted with “s”, if this is the only source of information)

For additional information on how this list was compiled, please contact Helene Hiner in the Provost’s Office.