Special Course and Non-Computing Laboratory Fee Policy


To create a policy for the determination and use of special course and non-computer laboratory fees at Michigan Tech University.  


Students are assessed tuition to attend courses and earn credit toward a degree at Michigan Tech. The tuition rate is determined based on the total cost to deliver intellectual material in a traditional classroom environment. Included in this tuition assessment is the cost of any administrative and facilities support necessary to fulfill the instructional mission of the university.


It is the option of Michigan Tech to levy special course and laboratory fees for any course with a designated laboratory component to cover the additional costs of providing this important form of educational experience. These fees shall be deposited to a separate, easily audited account under the direct control of the department responsible for providing the laboratory, and shall be used for the sole purpose of supporting, maintaining, and improving the laboratories and/or to cover the non-educational expenses associated with a unique experience. All proposed laboratory fees shall be reviewed for appropriateness as part of the existing curriculum proposal (binder) process. The authority to approve special course and non-computing laboratory fees resides with the Provost.

Fees are to be established for a specific course.  All sections of a course shall levy the same fee and the same amount.

Appropriate uses of these funds are: equipment and furnishings amortized over an appropriate period; amortization of fixtures, finishes, and coverings; cost of supplies and services; non-faculty instruction (academic faculty salaries and benefits are specifically excluded), technical, safety, chemical hygiene and clerical support; exclusive equipment and software maintenance agreements; support staff and otherwise non-supported GTAs’ training and travel and lodging directly related to the laboratory or course; cost of any utilities or space rental charged to the department specifically for the laboratory; and sinking fund monies used for future improvements.  Expenditure of these funds for travel, lodging, and meals shall require advance approval by the school or college dean.

Academic faculty shall not be paid from non-computing laboratory fees. It is intended that non-faculty instructional duties (staff and otherwise non-supported GTAs) directly relevant to special courses and laboratories be paid from these fees.

Academic faculty shall not be paid from special course fees for offsite offerings.


Changes to existing fees or newly proposed fees may be initiated by the department chair or school dean. Course and laboratory fees initiated by department chairs must be approved by the college dean. The request shall be made using the Course Lab Fee Annual Budget form (xls) and submitted according to the existing course and curriculum change (binder) process. Fees for newly proposed courses (Course Add Proposals) shall be appended to the Course Fee form following the same format shown for existing course fee changes. 

Requests for fee waivers and fee requests outside the normal submission process must be presented to the Provost's Office (Amie Ledgerwood). All requests must include a budget justification showing the estimated enrollment, anticipated revenue, and estimated expenses; all requests will be reviewed by the Manager of Finance and Planning. The Provost’s decision will be communicated back to the initiating department. The department is required to notify each student enrolled in the course. Questions about course fees may be directed to Amie Ledgerwood in the Provost Office.