AQIP Action Projects

The projects described here supplemented Michigan Tech's 2011-2012 comprehensive review as part of our Higher Learning Commission accreditation under the AQIP Pathway. Reports and other artifacts from these projects have been archived.

Academic Advising Enhancement

Completed : April, 2011
Team Chair: Susan Liebau

The purpose of AQIP Advising was to improve the academic advising experience at Michigan Tech by reviewing current processes and structures, researching alternative advising processes and structures, and recommending improvements to enhance the advising experience. Recommendations were accepted in September 2010, which the team implemented in 2011. Results were presented at a University "Tech-Talks" Forum in April 2011.

Carbon Neutral

Completed: September, 2010
Team Chair: Margaret Gale

The purpose of AQIP Carbon Neutral was to better integrate Michigan Tech’s goals of sustainability with our education and research efforts now and into the future. The goal of this project was to develop a process, using carbon as the metric, to improve Michigan Tech’s use of energy and materials and enhance our educational and research programs. The team report was delivered in December 2009, results were presented at a University “Tech-Talks” Forum in January 2010 and the project report was completed September 2010 .

Classroom and Facilities Upgrade Plan, aka Learning Space Enhancement

Completed: December, 2008
Team Chair: Chelley Vician

The purpose of AQIP Learning Spaces was to establish a regular process to update the physical, aesthetic and technology needs of classrooms, laboratories, and landscape of the campus; and create the first plan in order to initialize the process. The team report was delivered December 2007, results were presented at a University “Tech-Talks” Forum in October 2008 and the project report was submitted September 2008.

Comprehensive University Space Inventory Process

Completed October, 2008
Team Chair: Walter Milligan

The purpose of the AQIP Space Inventory Process was to develop an integrated basis for designing the logical workflow for concurrent changes to space and equipment. The University has approximately ten sources or databases of space information. There was no single source of total University space information that was fully correct and current. The team report was delivered May 2008, results were presented at a University “Tech-Talks” Forum in October 2008 and the project report was completed September 2008 .

Create a Systematic Employee Development Process

Completed: September, 2012
Team Chair: Rebecca Christianson

The goal of the Professional Development Report is to develop, implement and continuously evaluate a system that supports and encourages professional development and provides all employees with opportunities to improve their knowledge, skills and abilities.

Improving the Processes Associated with International Experiences

Completed: September, 2011
Team Chair: Andrew Storer

The purpose of AQIP International Experiences was to identify all types of international educational and research activities at Michigan Tech, and develop processes to facilitate and coordinate these activities. Results were presented at a University "Tech-Talks" Forum in April 2011 and the project report was completed September 2011. 

Improving Undergraduate Student Success

Completed: September, 2012
Team Chair: Tim Schulz

This goal of AQIP Student Success is to assess undergraduate student success using metrics for student retention, grade distribution, graduation rate, time to degree, placement and high impact practices, in order to identify systems, processes and practices which have a critical impact on student success.

Increase Gender Diversity of Faculty and Students

Completed: September, 2012
Team Chair: Christa Walck

The goal of AQIP Gender Project is to develop processes and practices that will increase the gender diversity of faculty and students in order to “prepare students to create the future” (mission) and to “attract, retain, and support a world-class and diverse faculty, staff, and student population” (goal).This project builds on:

  1. a completed Action Project to increase faculty diversity,
  2. the current NSF ADVANCE grant to improve recruiting and mentoring of female faculty, and
  3. a current Action Project to enhance academic advising.

The project will improve processes for students and faculty and communicate the value of gender diversity to all university stakeholders.

Increasing Faculty Diversity

Completed February, 2009
Team Chair: William Bulleit

The purpose of AQIP Faculty Diversity was to establish the procedures and content for chair/dean training, faculty involvement with searches, and the basic informational materials used in all searches that are likely to improve our success in attracting a diverse faculty. The team report was delivered February 2009, results were presented at a University “Tech-Talks” Forum in October 2008 and the project report was completed September 2008.