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Build a strong foundation in materials for a great career.

Micrograph of a metal stent.

Tomorrow needs engineers and scientists who understand materials, in order to make them stronger, lighter, safer, greener, and more cost-effective. This is exactly what we do—and you can learn to do it, too with the education and experience we have to offer.

Scanning electron microscope image of a bioabsorbable metal heart stent. Photo courtesy of MSE Professor Jarek Drelich and Biomedical Engineering Professor Jeremy Goldman.

About Materials

Design new materials for a clean and sustainable future.

Ten micron scale magnetic domains.

Materials are central to quality-of-life improvements. As our society becomes more complex, new materials are key components. Innovative materials will play an important role in providing more food, water, and energy for a rapidly growing population.

Microstructure of demagnetized neodymium iron boron (Nd2Fe14B) alloy showing magnetic domain contrast with individual grains. Optical micrograph by MSE graduate student Matt Tianen.

An Immense Field

Experience professional success as an MSE.

Using an electron microscope.

Materials are everywhere and part of everything. The MSE field is immensely broad and provides opportunities in a wide range of industries, world locations, and a variety of functions. Michigan Tech MSE graduates enjoy high starting salaries and high employment rates.

Universities the world needs: Michigan Tech Materials Science and Engineering

Support for Students

Enjoy a personalized MSE learning experience.

Students learning with their peers in a relaxing environment.

Our classes are taught by faculty (not teaching assistants). Our relatively small size as a department enables a rich, personalized learning environment that is also a lot of fun.

What it means to be a Michigan Technological University MSE student

Get Real Experience

Collaborate with industry on real engineering problems.

NUCOR recruits at Career Fair.

Our close partnerships with industry give you an inside look at potential jobs, potential employers, and future colleagues. Gain access to industry projects as you participate in internships and co-ops, Michigan Tech’s award-winning Enterprise Program, and MSE capstone senior design.

Functional Materials

Process, structure, properties, performance.

Magneto-optic material used for one-way optical filters.

Nearly all technological breakthroughs involve a new material or material functionality. As an MSE at Michigan Tech, you’ll process a wide range of materials in our exceptional labs, view and analyze their resulting structure, and evaluate their properties and performance.

Cubic (Bi,Lu,Gd)3(FeGa)5O12 magneto-optic material used for one-way optical filters. Atomic resolution scanning transmission electron micrograph by former MSE staff member Pinaki Mukherjee and Professor Miguel Levy.

Fabrication, Characterization, and Testing

Learn by doing, in high-tech, pilot-scale labs.

Pouring cast iron in MSE’s foundry.

At Michigan Tech, you’ll hit the ground running, using highly advanced devices such as electron scanning microscopes—even as an undergrad. Michigan Tech is one of only a handful of universities nationwide that have retained an in-house metal foundry.

Everything has to be made out of something. The question is, out of what – and how do we make it?

Fuse Engineering, Art, and Business

Try your hand at MakerMSETM.

Casting, extruding, and etching are among the capabilities.

Using our outstanding materials processing facilities, including our metal foundry and deformation lab, you will have the opportunity to independently propose, design, and make objects to display or sell—a fusion of art, engineering, and entrepreneurship!

Casting, extrusion, powder-forming, and 3D printing are among the many capabilities that students can access to make a variety of objects and products.

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Engineering Needs Pro-human and Pro-tech Solutions

Meaningful Experiences

Gain your first professional network.

View overlooking Michigan Tech campus.

Your close relationship with your classmates creates a strong learning community, which will become your first professional network after you graduate—a strong foundation for a great career.

Join the materials science and engineering revolution in Industry 4.0