2017 Michigan Tech Magazine: Issue 1

  • Keep on Trekking text over a Mind Trekkers shirt and a hammer.

    Keep on Trekking

    How do you get to wow? With Michigan Tech students (and increasingly, alumni) in yellow jerseys. Cool experiments designed to make kids give science a second (or first) look. And a passion to take those experiments anywhere in the country. It's Mind Trekkers. "It's not about getting people to say Michigan Tech is where they want to go to college, it's getting them to say, 'I've found my calling. This is what I want to do with my life,'" Kangas says.

On the cover: The Wow Factor—Explosions. Bananas. Liquid nitrogen. How Mind Trekkers create a love for science in the next generation.

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Ian Repp—Director of University Marketing and Communications

Scott Balyo—Editorial Director

Jackie Johnson—Art Director

Vassilissa Semouchkina—Graphic Designer

Sarah Bird—Photographer

Shannon Rinkinen—Articles Editor

Adam Johnson, Ian Maddox—Freelance photographers

Crystal Verran—Director of Operations

Ben Jaszczak—Multimedia Specialist

Megan Ross—Digital Services Coordinator

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