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Project Experience Proposal

Meet Caleb, who wants his honors project experience in autonomous vehicles to benefit all drivers, whether they're in Houghton or his Hawaiian hometown.

Chart your own path. Write your own story. Share it. Build your legacy.

Your project experience is your time to bring all of the pieces together, document your thought process, and tell your story. You'll develop an experience plan, set goals, work towards your goals, and report out at the end.


Time commitment

About 50 hours. This time estimate includes involvement with the larger organization, meetings, preparatory work, and developing your final deliverable. (So, for example, hours spent in the lab on a research project, plus developing a final poster to present at URIP, would all apply to your overall time commitment.)

The time/effort used as your Project Experience component may not be applied to other components of the Pavlis Honors Pathway.  

Why do we have a project experience component?

Your project experience is your chance to make an impact in an area that matters specifically to you. It's also a way to show employers and graduate schools that you're capable of managing a project from start to finish, performing an analysis at every step along the Design Thinking process, making adjustments as you go, and producing a deliverable to showcase the results.

Pavlis tip

Your project experience is a perfect place to prototype what you'd like to do after graduation (like research or running a business), or an excellent opportunity to add a global element to your pathway.

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