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Fast Facts

  • The Michigan Tech Sustainable Futures Institute (SFI) serves as an incubator for research, education, and outreach efforts related to sustainability.
  • SFI focuses on the triple bottom line: industrial/economic, environmental, and societal sustainability.
  • SFI enhances classroom and workplace diversity.
  • Research focused on sustainable energy, international development, materials / manufacturing, and complex systems analysis.

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Graduate Certificate in Sustainability

Michigan Technological University developed the Graduate Certificate in Sustainability in 2003 as an outcome of an NSF-funded research project in collaboration with Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA.

The Graduate Certificate allows students to select classes that focus on integrating the engineering and technology of industrial ecology; the science of environmental assessment and modeling; and the economic, human behavior, and policy-making aspects of the social sciences to develop professionals knowledgeable in sustainability. We offer a wide range of potential courses that work with many different academic disciplines and have had students from several departments in engineering, science, and humanities complete the certificate program.

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