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Engineering Mechanics—MS

Engineering mechanics students working with research equipment.

Engineering Mechanics—MS Fast Facts

  • Research funded by industry, the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, NASA, and the Department of Defense
  • Graduate program ranked in the top 50 nationally by U.S. News World Report
  • The department is one of the largest in the nation
  • This program is available as an accelerated master's degree as well.

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Graduate Programs in Engineering Mechanics

Graduate study in the Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics (ME-EM) at Michigan Tech offers graduate students a wide range of challenging and rewarding courses of study. ME-EM is a key contributor to achieving environmental, industrial, and societal sustainability.

The MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics are offered with a project component, or as the Signature Master’s course work-only degree, which can be completed in one year. Current Michigan Tech undergraduate students can earn a MS degree with just a single year of study beyond the BS through the Accelerated Master's Program.

Research is focused in five key areas.

  • Advanced Power Systems: Critical technologies for clean, efficient, and sustainable power systems; and modeling of energy transport and conversion processes.
  • Multi-scale Sensors and Systems: Research includes nanofabrication and characterization, microfabrication processes, and bio-nanotechnology.
  • Multidisciplinary Engineering Dynamic Systems: Collaborative research at the interface of engineering disciplines such as dynamics, vibration, acoustics, signal processing, and controls.
  • Mechanics of Multi-scale Materials: Constitutive modeling of biomaterials, cellular materials, biological tissues, and artificial organs.
  • Space Systems: Innovative components, systems, and architectures for micro and nanosatellite applications.

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