Distributing a Thesis or Dissertation

Current Procedure

The library will archive a PDF of the submitted document with the options selected by the student and approved by the advisor on Digital Commons. Students who would like to purchase a bound copy of their document may use any of the following options.

  • ProQuest (can be ordered at time of submission)
    • samples of bound author copies from Proquest are on course reserve in the library. If you would like to see how the finished product looks, you can request the Proquest binding sample to examine or check out at the Library Service Center.
  • Thesis on Demand (online)
  • The Print Shop (Houghton)
    • perfect and coil binding
  • Any binding service of your choice

Former Procedures

Beginning in fall 2021, the review process on Digital Commons replaced the Approval of a dissertation, thesis, or report form.

For defenses scheduled prior to January 10, 2011, the Library retains two copies of theses or dissertations. One copy, with the original signature page, is filed in the Library Archives. The second copy is placed in the circulating collection.

For defenses scheduled on or after January 10, 2011, the Library retains one physical copy in the archives with the original signature page and a PDF.

Beginning in fall 2012, only dissertations will have paper copies archived in the Library. Archiving of paper copies was discontinued in fall 2015.