National Service Graduate Fellowship

The Graduate School will offer National Service Graduate Fellowships to students who have previously provided service to the United States of America. Eligible graduate students will receive a fellowship that will reduce their tuition rate.

The primary goal of the National Service Graduate Fellowship is to better meet the needs of students who have provided service to our country and allow them to bring their wealth of real-world experience to Michigan Tech.

Who’s eligible?

The National Service Graduate Fellowship is awarded to on-campus and online, degree and non-degree seeking graduate students in one of the following three categories:

What do fellowship recipients receive?

Eligible students who are accepted into the Graduate School will be notified once their required documentation has been received and verified. Recipients of the National Service Graduate Fellowship will receive a tuition award reducing their graduate tuition rate.

For the latest awarded tuition rate, please refer to the Cost of Education page.

Please note that the award amount may vary from year to year. Students may have certain GPA requirements that must be maintained to continue to receive funding.

How do I apply for the fellowship?

Eligible students should note their category of eligibility on their Graduate School application and upload the appropriate form of documentation to  MyMichiganTech (line item: NSGF Documentation). Students already accepted into the Graduate School should contact Ashli Wells to apply.

If you have any additional questions on the application process please contact the Graduate School by email or phone (906-487-2327).

Eligibility requirements