SINTOKOGIO Partnership

Application period is now closed. Due to COVID-19 safety concerns the summer 2020 internship experience has been cancelled.

Gain work experience, make industry connections, and experience a new culture with the SINTOKOGIO partnership program! Beginning in 2017, Michigan Tech has sent students to Japan for two months at SINTOKOGIO, LTD’s headquarters in Nagoya during the summer semester. Exceptional graduate students are invited to apply for the chance to follow in their footsteps as part of a fully-funded work experience program.

About Sinto

Founded in Nagoya, Japan in 1934, SINTOKOGIO, LTD is now the world’s leading manufacturer of foundry equipment. Under the philosophy of Human Enrichment & Achievement through Reliable Technology (“HEART”), SINTOKOGIO is dedicated to technological innovation and the application of customer-focused solutions in order to supply the best foundry equipment in the process materials industry.

  • 4,010
  • 14
  • $918
    million in net sales (2016)

Working With Sinto

The SINTOKOGIO brand encompasses foundry equipment, surface treatment products, environment products, and other applications of cutting-edge manufacturing technology. As a SINTOKOGIO employee you will be directly involved in the design and manufacture of process materials hardware and software. As part of SINTOKOGIO’s partnership with Michigan Tech, you will develop practical experience related to your field of study and develop valuable industry connections. Following their internship experience, Michigan Tech students have gone on to begin careers at Sinto Group companies in the United States, at other foundry companies, and in other engineering fields.

"I am and always will be obliged to the people of Sinto and Michigan Tech for presenting me this once in a lifetime opportunity. The projects gave me ample opportunity to implement what I have learnt so far. Outside of work, I experienced the delectable Okonomiyaki, the generosity of friendly Japanese people, visits to Kyoto, Tokyo and Nagoya in the Shinkansen, and the omnipresent beautiful beaches and mountains in those best 2 months of my life. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!"
Shivom Kushwaha, Summer '19 

Living With Sinto

Michigan Tech students are provided with accommodation at SINTOKOGIO’s guest house in Nagoya. Daily meals are prepared for students, and SINTOKOGIO is happy to take into account any dietary requirements. Cultural experiences are regularly scheduled on weekends, and students are encouraged to mix with their Japanese coworkers. Previously, students have participated in traditional tea ceremonies, climbed Mount Fuji, and taken trips to Japan’s historic former capitol of Kyoto.

"Living in Japan for two months was a transformative experience. As much as Sinto was interested in our productivity and the projects we worked on, they cared as deeply for our out-of-workplace experiences. We cooked with co-workers, explored the cities, visited associated businesses, and literally climbed mountains."
Adam Pringle, Summer '19

How to Apply

Michigan Tech students are eligible for the SINTOKOGIO Partnership program if they:

  • Are currently enrolled in an MS or PhD program in the departments of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics, Electrical and Computer Engineering, or Materials Science and Engineering
  • Are in good academic and conduct standing
  • Are visa eligible to leave the country in June and July

Applicants are required to submit an application including a short statement describing why they wish to participate in the SINTOKOGIO program and why they should be selected. In addition, applicants must email their résumé/CV to Jacque Smith at in order to be considered. The résumé/CV document name should include the applicant's name and M Number. Students are encouraged to attend an information session on the program prior to submitting an application. For more information on upcoming information sessions or the program in general, please contact Jacque Smith at or at 906-487-1434.

The application period for Summer 2020 is not yet open, but is coming soon!

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Adam Pringle and Shivom Kushwaha in Japan

Shivom Kushwaha and Adam Pringle participating in the SINTOKOGIO program in Summer 2019.

Adam and Shivom with cohorts digging clams at a beach in Japan

Tech students are encouraged to mix with their coworkers at SINTOKOGIO as well as members of other partnership programs. 

The inner workings of a Toyota Prius PHV are put on display.

SINTOKOGIO gives students the opportunity to visit other major Japanese manufacturing companies, such as Toyota.

An example of a meal served in SINTOKOGIO guest accommodation: a bowl of noodles.

Students working with SINTOKOGIO are provided with housing at Sinto's guest house. Daily meals are provided, and dietary restrictions are taken into account.

Rahul and Ninad take a selfie in busy Shibuya.

Life with SINTOKOGIO isn't just work! While in Japan, students are invited to explore, whether it's the busy streets of Tokyo's Shibuya ward...

Kinkaku-ji, a 14th century temple, is one of Kyoto's most famous sites.

...the historic streets and temples of Kyoto...

A view from far up the side of Mount Fuji.

...or Japan's highest peak!