Giving Opportunities

Nearly all of today’s major challenges are technologically, culturally, and politically complex. Michigan Tech graduate students meet the needs of the world by analyzing, understanding, and developing solutions to these challenges. Graduate students also enhance opportunities for our undergraduates by bringing their enthusiasm, inquiry, and knowledge to our classrooms, labs, and enterprise experiences.

We invite you to help create the future and change the world. Please consider a gift to the various funds listed below.

Graduate Student Emergency Fund

An unexpected emergency can happen to anyone at any time. For graduate students already stretched for time and money  it can delay or derail their education.  Please join Alumni Engagement, Traditions of Giving and the Dean of the Graduate School to keep these funds available to help graduate students in sudden need of assistance.

These funds may be used for medical issues, housing emergencies, bereavement travel or other purposes.

Give to the Graduate Student Emergency Fund

Help graduate students in sudden need of assistance.

Dean's Fellowship

The Graduate School provides up to ten Dean’s Fellowships each year. They are used to attract highly talented applicants to Michigan Tech’s PhD programs. The Dean’s Fellowship provides partial support for the recipient’s first year in a PhD program. The primary goal of the Dean’s Fellowship is to support The Michigan Tech Plan goal of being an inclusive and welcoming campus for faculty, students, and staff who bring diverse perspectives to our teaching, learning, and research.

Learn more about the Dean's Fellowship recipients.

Give to the Graduate School Dean's Fellowship

Help attract outstanding PhD
candidates and develop a diverse academic community.

Doctoral Finishing Fellowship

Each semester, the Graduate School awards Finishing Fellowships that provide support to PhD candidates who expect to finish during the following semester. They are intended to recognize outstanding PhD candidates who are making positive contributions that support the University's efforts to attain goals outlined in The Michigan Tech Plan and to give them the financial resources they need to complete their degrees.

Learn more about the Doctoral Finishing Fellowship recipients.

Give to the Graduate School Doctoral Finishing Fellowship

Assist outstanding PhD candidates who are completing their dissertation.

Sponsor a Graduate Student

Provide partial or full financial support to domestic graduate students with financial needs.

Sponsor a Graduate Student

Ensure the success of students in need.

Graduate School GOAL Program Fund

The Graduate Orientation and Applied Language (GOAL) Program is a 6-week summer residential experience to help new international graduate students succeed at Michigan Tech. The intensive English instruction and introduction to the local area can allow students to focus on research and academics more quickly when they start in the Fall.

This Fund will provide scholarships to defray the cost of the GOAL program.

Give to the Graduate School GOAL Program Fund

Assist new International students

Graduate School Travel Fund

Each year, the Graduate School provides funding to help support graduate students' travel to academic conferences to present their research and expand their professional networks. Presentation of research and professional networking are keys to our students' success after leaving our programs.

The administration of the funding and the selection of students are provided by the Graduate Student Government.

Give to the Graduate School Travel Fund

Help outstanding graduate students.

Graduate School Peace Corps Fellowship

The Graduate School awards Peace Corps Fellowships to students enrolled in Michigan Tech’s Peace Corps Master’s International Programs. The fellowships are intended to recognize outstanding students who are making positive contributions that support the University's efforts to attain goals outlined in The Michigan Tech Plan and to provide them with financial support to help defray their cost of education. 

These fellowships are only made possible through the generosity of alumni and friends of the University. Michigan Tech has a long history of selecting and enrolling students with the skills needed to aid in the sustainable development of poorer countries around the world. Over 100 students serving in 25 countries have graduated from our Master’s International Programs.

Give to the Graduate School Peace Corps Fellowship

Help support Peace Corps Master's International students.

Graduate School Enhancement Fund

This fund is used to acknowledge and reward graduate student achievements through celebratory events, cash awards, and distinctive gifts.

Give to the Graduate School Enhancement Fund

Acknowledge and reward graduate student achievements.