Graduate School

GFC Voting Representatives and Alternates

Program or Unit Representative Alternate
Accounting Joel Tuoriniemi  
Applied Cognitive & Learning Sciences Kelly Steelman Susan Amato-Henderson
Applied Natural Resource Economics Gary Campbell  
Atmospheric Sciences Will Cantrell  
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Tarun Dam  
Biological Sciences Ebenezer Tumban John Durocher
Biomedical Engineering Feng Zhao Jinfeng Jiang
Chemical Engineering Becky Ong  Lei Pan
Chemistry Ashutosh Tiwari Shiyue Fang
Civil and Environmental Engineering Veronica Webster, Chair  
Computational Science & Engineering/GEMS Thomas Oommen  
Computer Science Jean Mayo Yu Cai
Data Sciences Laura Brown  
Electrical and Computer Engineering Michael Roggemann  
Environmental Engineering Alex Mayer  
Forest Resources and Environmental Science Audrey Mayer  
Geological & Mining Engineering & Sciences Thomas Oommen  
Health Infomatics & Mechatronics Donald Peck  
Humanities Ramon Fonkoue  
Integrated Geospatial Technology Eugene Levin Jeffrey Hollinsworth
Kinesiology Steve Elmer  
Master of Business Administration Mari Buche Manish Srivastava
Master of Science in Engineering Leonard Bohmann  
Materials Science and Engineering Stephen Hackney  
Mathematical Sciences Qiuying Sha Renfang Jiang
Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Craig Friedrich  
Peace Corps Master's International Program Kari Henquinet  
Physics Yoke Khin Yap Ranjit Pati
Social Sciences Chelsea Schelly  

Non-Voting Members

Program or Unit Representative Alternate
Graduate School Pushpa Murthy Mary Stevens, Secretary
 Jacque Smith Nancy Byers-Sprague 
 Debra Charlesworth  
Graduate Student Government Apurva Baruah  
University Senate    
Vice President for Research Dave Reed  
Van Pelt and Opie Library Erin Matas   

An archived list of members for prior academic years is online.