Giving Opportunities

Question. Analyze. Understand. Develop solutions. This is the typical path Michigan Tech graduate students take to meet the complex needs of today's world. Our graduate students enhance the experience of our undergraduates by leading with inquiry, seeking knowledge, and mentoring. Our grads add vibrancy to our labs and our classrooms. We would not want to be on a campus without them.

You can help create a graduate student's future and their impact at Michigan Tech and on the world. Please consider a gift to your choice of the funds below.

Graduate School Emergency Fund

Help a graduate student in need. An unexpected emergency can happen to anyone at any time. For graduate students already stretched for time and money  it can delay or derail their education.  Please join the Alumni Association, Traditions of Giving and the Dean of the Graduate School to keep these funds available to help graduate students in sudden need of assistance.

These funds may be used for medical issues, housing emergencies, bereavement travel or other purposes.

Give to the Graduate School Emergency Fund

Graduate School Asia Fund

Help a graduate student from Asia. The Asia Fund is a new and emerging effort to build support from alumni and supportive friends of Michigan Tech. This fund will be used to help recruit new students from Asia and to support current Asian students. This support will be in the form of a fellowship.

Give to the Graduate School Asia Fund

Graduate School Summer Research Fellowship

Help a graduate student during the summer term. To enable students to focus on their research and make progress towards degree completion during a time of year when funding opportunities are limited.

Give to the Graduate School Summer Research Fellowship

Doctoral Finishing Fellowship

Help outstanding PhD candidates complete their dissertation. Each semester, the Graduate School awards Finishing Fellowships that support PhD candidates who expect to finish the following semester. They recognize outstanding students making positive contributions that support the goals in The Michigan Tech Plan and to give them the financial resources they need to complete their dissertation.

Give to the Graduate School Doctoral Finishing Fellowship

Sponsor a Graduate Student

Ensure the success of students in need. Provide partial or full financial support to domestic graduate students with financial needs. Many PhD and a higher percentage of MS students are not able to secure teaching or research assistantships. You can help alleviate their financial burden as they strive for a higher degree.

Sponsor a Graduate Student

Graduate School Travel Fund

Advance a graduate career with travel. Each year, the Graduate School provides funding to help support travel for graduate students to attend regional and national academic conferences to present their research and learn to network with professionals in their field.  This experience is key to our students' education and success.

The administration of these funds and selection of students are provided by the Graduate Student Government giving these student representatives key leadership skills as well.

Give to the Graduate School Travel Fund

Graduate School Enhancement Fund

Acknowledge graduate student achievements. This fund is used by the Graduate Student Government to acknowledge and reward special graduate student achievements.  This fund allows the GSG to organize and run a celebratory event, provide cash awards to encourage a professional development event, or provide an award of distinction in special cases of merit.

Give to the Graduate School Enhancement Fund