Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity in the Graduate School

The Graduate School recognizes the benefits of a culturally diverse campus. Different backgrounds bring different perspectives and allows for a richer community to facilitate collaboration, cooperation and different approaches. Michigan Tech's community has representation of over 60 nationalities as well as students coming from all over the United States. See the scholarship opportunities available below to recruit and assist talented underrepresented students to the pool of graduate students at Michigan Tech and learn about the CommUNITY campaign. Together we are stronger.

Scholarships Promoting Diversity

Michigan Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate.

Michigan Tech belongs to the AGEP, a network of Michigan universities dedicated to initiatives to support the advancement of under-represented minority students pursing graduate degrees in the STEM fields. Learn more about Michigan Tech's involvement with AGEP.

The King-Chavez-Parks Future Faculty Fellowship.

This program was created by the Michigan State Legislature in 1986 as part of a larger project to increase the pool of traditionally under-represented candidates pursuing faculty teaching careers in post-secondary education. See the recipients or detailed information on applying for KCP Fellowships.

Michigan Tech is a member of GEM.

GEM is a unique and powerful national network of universities and employers (corporations and national laboratories). This program and the connections it fosters provides financial support, learning opportunities and skills for highly qualified students from underrepresented groups to succeed in STEM graduate programs. See past recipients or application information for GEM. See our students describe GEM at Michigan Tech. Look through our scholarship finder in our Financial Information pages for more opportunities to restricted and open applicants.