Graduate School

Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award Nomination Procedures


Students are eligible if all of the following criteria are met:

  1. Must be a Michigan Tech graduate student.
  2. Must have essentially had sole responsibility for instruction in a lecture or laboratory
    course or section at any level within the past academic year.
  3. Must be nominated by the student's academic school or department. 

Degree candidates carrying the title of instructor or lecturer are not eligible for this award.

Nomination Procedure

Each academic school or department may recommend at least one and no more than 2.5% of its graduate students to receive this award each academic-year semester. The names of the nominee(s) for this award should be forwarded to the dean of the Graduate School at least nine weeks prior to fall or spring commencement. 


Students nominated by their academic school or department should have exhibited exceptional ability as a teacher and should have received excellent evaluations from students. The teaching ability of the nominee should also be respected by faculty in the nominee’s department.


These awards will be presented at the Graduate Student Government award ceremony that is held in the spring. Certificates of Recognition will be mailed to students who have already left campus. Students receiving the awards will also be identified by name in the appropriate commencement programs.