Graduate Program Assessment Workshops

Representatives of the participating graduate programs meet to walk through the process of establishing graduate assessment plans.  In the workshop, presenters explain the structure, provide an example assessment plan (which may be adopted "as is," if desired), share the assessment plans developed by the previous cohorts of departments, and discuss the timeline for departmental finalization of each program's graduate assessment plan.

Attendees of the workshop include members of the GRIP team (Graduate Review and Improvement Processes, a project for the Higher Learning Commission Assessment Camp), and up to three representatives from each of the four programs.  Participants are asked to begin the process of creating the graduate assessment plan at the workshop.  The individual drafts created in the workshop are subsequently expected to be revised and finalized in consultation with program faculty and staff over the course of several weeks.  A good first draft of a graduate assessment plan (filled in template) is requested to be submitted to the Graduate School within approximately four weeks of the workshop.

A second meeting of the parties is held.  During this report-out meeting, feedback is provided on the draft plans.  The due date for the final graduate assessment plan to the Graduate School is a few weeks later.  Programs may begin implementing their assessment plan as early as the end of semester. Summary assessment reports are due to the Graduate School in October, annually.