Applying to Your Program

Applying to your online program at Michigan Tech is a process involving a few key steps, which this page tries to summarize. However, we still recommend that for more detailed information on the Graduate School at Michigan Tech or its processes, you visit its official page, which has several tabs and resources.

Also, if you're not an online graduate student, but another type of student taking online courses, please consult the relevant tabs in Continuing Education and How It Works.

Applying to Your Program

Applying to Michigan Tech's Graduate School is both free (there is no fee) and fast. That is, you don't need to upload any test (GRE or GMAT) scores. You also don't require any official transcripts to start your application; you can upload those later. To apply, follow these three easy steps:

Step 1: Create Your Account.

Start and activate your account through the Michigan Tech Application Portal. If you're a new user, you will create your account by providing your first name, last name, date of birth, and email address.

For returning users, who provided an application after September 8, 2021, login with your previous account credentials.

After you activate your account, you will be sent a temporary pin. You will use this pin to create a new password and start the application process.

Please contact if you are unsure if you are a new or returning user.

Screenshot of the first page of the application process.

Step 2: Start the Application Process.

Once you are in the portal, you will begin your free onlinr application to your program or programs of choice. Starting with "Getting to Know You," you must complete the application in question order followed by page order.

Step 3: Upload Your Documents.

Last, upload all of your required documents to your Michigan Tech application portal. Programs typically will not review an application until all required materials have been submitted to the Graduate School. If you're an international applicant, you must pay a $10 processing fee per application.

Getting Help With the Application Process

At any stage of the application process, we recommend that you contact Amanda Irwin, the graduate admissions advisor for the Michigan Tech Global Campus.

Amanda, our graduate admissions manager.

Amanda is the designated advisor for the Michigan Tech Global Campus.

Amanda is not only gracious, funny, and kind, but also experienced: she is not only passionate about online learning, but also an expert advisor who has been helping students navigate the admissions process for over a decade.

If she can't answer your question, she'll direct you to someone who can.


Get to Know Amanda!

Gathering and Uploading Your Materials

After you have started your online application, it is time to begin gathering your materials and uploading them to the Application Portal (Step Three above). There are two levels or categories of required materials: those of the Graduate School and those of your designated online program.

Typically, programs do not begin reviewing your application until it is complete. Below is a summary of the required materials. You can read about these in greater detail on the Graduate School's Application Requirements Page.

Summary of Graduate School Requirements



Program Requirements

Planning Ahead for Tuition Costs

Before or after you apply (whatever works for you), we recommend that you start figuring out your finances. Here are some other pointers on planning for and paying your tuition.

Woman using a calculator while sitting at a desk.

Waiting For Your Admission Decision

Your admissions decision should be ready in a few weeks. Keep in mind, though, that because application decisions are made by each program of study, this time frame does vary. That is, at some points in the year, program directors are busier than at others. Also, some programs make decisions by committee review. We'll try to get back to you as soon as possible, but please be patient.

If you have concerns or further questions about a program's timeline for application decisions, contact your Graduate Program Director. For other questions about admissions, please consult this FAQ resource.