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Online Graduate Certificates

Online certificates at Michigan Tech change careers for the better. Delve deeper into your current field, layer on new skills, or shift to a new field. We have a broad range of online programs to choose from.

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Employers recognize the benefits of continuing education. Earning your online graduate certificate is the perfect way to build on your undergraduate degree, develop a specialty, and advance your career at your current job. Or even pivot to a new one. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in fact, advanced education of every kind increases your income by thousands of dollars a year.

If you’re hoping to get a raise or move to a career with better pay, continuing your education is a smart move.

Online Graduate Certificates


Post-Degree Undergraduate Certificate

Michigan Tech offers an online undergraduate post-degree certificate for undergraduate students who are US citizens, permanent residents, or currently in the country on a valid visa. You must have a bachelor's degree, and the desire to explore a disciplinary or interdisciplinary subfield.

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Electric Power Engineering

Earn course credit at your convenience in our online electric power engineering certificate program. It's a great option for professionals, with an emphasis on power systems, renewable energy, and power electronics. Online courses are taught by a panel of faculty experts focused on energy systems.

The 13-credit post-degree undergraduate certificate covers the fundamentals of electric power systems. All courses are online, except for a one-credit lab. The lab is offered once a year to online students as one-week intensive.

Employer Education Benefits

Continuing and professional education makes companies better. Many employers recognize the benefits, and support their employees who want to increase their skills and knowledge. You might be able to have your online degree, certificate, or courses partially—or fully—paid for by your employer. There are different ways to cover costs:

  • tuition reimbursement
  • tuition assistance
  • employer-sponsored scholarships
  • professional development funds

Check today with your employer's human resources or benefits office to find out what's available. And check out our program cost information for more ways to pay for your online education.