Becoming an Online Grad Student

Congrats! You've been accepted into your program. But what happens now? That is, what are your next steps?

After you apply to and are accepted into your program, you must take other key steps: choosing courses, registering, and paying your bill. You also need to double-check that you have the proper technological requirements for online learning success and that you attend any required orientations.

In other words, just like applying to your program, becoming an online graduate student at Michigan Tech is a process, which this page tries to summarize for you. However, we still recommend that for more detailed information on the Graduate School at Michigan Tech, you visit its official page.

Choosing Your Courses

Once you've been accepted into your program, your next task is choosing courses and making a plan for your graduate certificate or degree.

Whereas some programs have a prescribed series of courses, such as the Online Master's in Business Administration, others are more open-ended. In some programs, you will work closely with a director or an advisor, but in others, you may have more freedom.

Although some programs have courses running in all three semesters, most have those available in either or both the Fall and Spring. Whatever your program, it is recommended that you consult with your program director and/or Amanda, our graduate admissions advisor, if you need help deciding which courses to take and in what order to take them.

Online Graduate Courses

Registering and Paying Your Bill

Choosing your courses is only the first part of this process, though. That is, you must then register to confirm your enrollment. On this registration information page, you can access more details. It contains useful information on instructions, registration stoppers, university policies, and more.

Only after you register, will you receive your bill. Before getting that bill, though, you should prepare yourself financially by understanding Michigan Tech's preferred methods of bill payment. If you can't pay your entire bill at once, don't worry; consider setting up a payment plan that lets you divide up and manage your costs.

We also recommend that you check your inbox regularly; you'll receive reminders about paying your bill, which will help you avoid dreaded late fees.

Please check out this resource for important information on and deadlines about student billing.


Getting Online

You will attend classes, view lectures and videos, and receive and submit your assignments online, so it is very important that you are prepared! This section contains vital information about account access, hardware requirements, and Canvas: MTU's Learning Management System.

Student working at a computer with a dod watching.

Attending Orientations

Make sure you block some time on your schedule. As a new graduate student, you will participate in two orientations that will acclimate you to the Michigan Tech Graduate School and help you understand the expectations and protocols for responsible research.

We hope you found this page helpful. Make sure you dive deeper by accessing any relevant links. And we also recommend that you read our advice for succeeding as an online student.