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Graduate Student Costs

Are you seeking an online graduate certificate, MS, or PhD?

Visit the Graduate School's page on the cost of education. Use the calculator to estimate expenses based on your specific online degree or certificate program.

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2024–25 Estimated Graduate Expenses

Graduate Program
  Fall Spring Summer* Annual
Tuitiona, b $12,006 $12,006 $1,334 $25,346
Required Feesc $130 $130 $10 $270
Lab and Course Fees (estimated) $54 $53 $0 $107
Books, Materials, and Equipment (estimated) $300 $300 $100 $700
Loan Origination Feed $81 $81 $0 $162
Housing and Foode $6,854 $6,854 $6,854 $20,562
Personal Expenses (estimated, includes health insurance) $1,192 $1,192 $1,192 $3,576
Transportation $737 $737 $737 $2,211
Total $21,354 $21,353 $10,227 $52,934
  1. Tuition total ($1,334 per credit) is based on 9 credits per semester.
  2. Students who are candidates are assessed tuition at $440 per credit hour for nine research credits. These students may register for courses in addition to research credits. Tuition for courses is assessed at the full, regular rate.
  3. Any courses taken online incur an additional fee of $38 per credit hour.
    Required fees per semester, for on-campus students, include:
    • Fall Activity Fee—$50
    • Spring Activity Fee—$50
    • Summer Activity Fee—$10
    • Experience Tech Fee—$83 per semester (not assessed in Summer)
  4. The loan origination fees estimated above are only charged to those students receiving federal loans.
  5. Housing and Food estimates assume that students use the Unlimited Gold Meal Plan. Costs may vary depending on your situation.

* A student who is enrolled for one credit during the summer semester is considered full time.

Note: International students will be assessed a $250 per semester surcharge (excluding summer semester). Newly admitted international students who are enrolling at Michigan Tech for the first time will be assessed an additional, one-time, $100 international graduate student enrollment surcharge.

One tuition rate, regardless of where you live (in-state, out-of-state, or international)

Undergraduate Student Costs

Are you an undergraduate student? Differential tuition rates apply to degree-seeking students attending Michigan Tech. Non-degree seeking and dual enrollment students will be billed at the appropriate rate for their credit load.

Refer to our Undergraduate Admissions cost of attendance information to estimate expenses for your online courses.

Refer to the schedule of classes for exact lab/course fees. Any course that is taken online also incurs a $38 per-credit fee.

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