Continuing Education

Michigan Tech Global Campus understands the importance of continuing education. For some, continuing education might mean pursuing an advanced graduate certificate or degree; for others, it might mean taking a non-credit course, receiving a credential, getting a badge or a certificate of completion, or earning the continuing education units (CEU) required in their fields.

Whatever you need, whatever your goals, we have you covered.

Noncredit and Non-Degree Courses

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Why Take Courses? Why Keep on Learning?

The reasons for continuing education vary. Perhaps you need to gain knowledge or brush up on certain skill sets to open up doors to advanced certificates and degrees. Or maybe you need specialized training to keep up with accelerating technologies, satisfy the changing demands of your current career, or access promotions and advanced responsibilities. Some of you might find other personal rewards from learning and from challenging yourselves. Whatever the reason, Global Campus can help you achieve your goals.

Four Benefits of Continuing Your Education

Continuing education offers major benefits to both employers and employees. Employees who develop new skills are a tremendous asset to any company.

1. Improve Your Technology Skills.

A well-educated and skilled workforce brings new ideas and creativity to their jobs and their companies. Continuing education opportunities also make you better prepared to keep up with rapidly changing technologies. 

2. Boost Your Morale and Confidence.

Learning or training doesn't always have to relate to a career or job. Continuing education can deepen a personal area of interest or add a new skill. As a result, you develop confidence and a sense of accomplishment when you acquire new knowledge and competencies.

3. Position Yourself for Future Leadership Roles.

Employees who are interested in improving their skills and continuing their education are often the perfect candidates for future leadership or management roles in their companies. Educational opportunities may give you the confidence and the abilities to seek leadership roles.

4. Increase Your Knowledge and Job Satisfaction. 

Last but certainly not least, continuing education is a win-win. For employees, continuing education improves the chances for promotion and a higher salary. For employers, upgraded skills and improved morale have a direct effect on the happiness and productivity of employees, which, in turn, affects the success of their organizations.


"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."Benjamin Franklin