Online Learning Success

Online learning is not easier learning. Michigan Tech online students, regardless of their program, receive the same education, at the same pace, along the same path as campus students. This rigorous education gives our online students the same opportunities for success. Follow our advice and become an online student at Michigan Tech today.

Is Online Right for Me?

Don't live in Houghton? That's OK! Online learning at Michigan Tech, which provides greater flexibility, can fit around your busy schedule wherever you are. With proper planning, the convenience of online learning allows you to upgrade or change your career path.

Accredited. Convenient.

Established in 1885, Michigan Tech is a fully accredited University. We offer graduate degrees, including Engineering, along with undergraduate courses and certificates.

Plan Your Education

Your success is up to you. Students who do well tend to follow these online education tips:

Online courses can require more time—plan a minimum of three hours per week per credit hour. Be comfortable with and have reliable access to adequate technology and resources. Some other requirements:

  • acquire your own textbooks as soon as possible
  • dedicate specific times to your course
  • read closely and carefully
  • take notes on your assigned readings and videos
  • study in a quiet place, away from distractions
  • interact regularly with your classmates and instructor
  • participate enthusiastically in course discussions and activities
  • find a proctor for exams (if necessary)

Manage Yourself, Your Time

We're talking self discipline. Online learning at Michigan Tech is not "learn at your own pace." There may be no set class time, but there are deadlines! Be proactive, manage your schedule, and plan ahead for emergencies.

Interaction with instructors may not be immediate. Forge your own path, set goals, and proactively ask questions. This independence can work to your advantage.

Computers can crash, power can go out, and files may fail. Being calm, resourceful, and planning ahead helps you be successful and the problem-solving abilities will serve you well.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

"It's easy for me to see the look on in-class students faces when a topic is unclear. It's trickier to gauge this for online students. The reverse is true, too. Sometimes off-campus students make assumptions about what is or is not important. I clear up questions in real time via email, video, or Canvas collaboration tools. My approach to class is to be extremely organized yet approachable. Making this known to online students is key for having a successful class."

Gordon Parker
Gordon Parker
John and Cathi Drake Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering