Undergraduate Research

Dirt, wood, moose bones. Undergraduates collect, catalogue, and examine—they dig in right away. Our strong focus on research (if you want to do research, this is the place) allows students to find and focus on the work that calls to them sooner. It directs them toward mentors and programs that lead to successful careers. It also results in important projects like bee mortality, bird-window collision prevention, and soil amendment studies.

"I take pride in working with students and especially showing them how to conduct fungus research and to write and publish research papers."Dana Richter, CFRES Researcher of the Year

Earn and Learn

Get involved in research right away—and get paid for it.  Incoming students can work, earn, and learn in any area of research within the College.

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Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship recipients conduct research under the guidance of a Michigan Tech faculty member, during summer semester.

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"This is the first time I get to go to the public with information on the environmental problems we face and find a potential solution."Cindy Fiser, EPA Research Fellowship

Research Experiences



Forestry and Environmental Resource Management student teams manage conservation-oriented enterprise projects for the community, and on the more than 5,000 acres of University land.


Integrated Field Practicum

IFP, a semester-long camp at our Ford Forestry Center complex, teaches students practical forest and natural resources management skills.

If you want to do research, this is the place.

Sun shining through cedar branches.