$1,100 Earn-and-Learn Assistantship

Get involved in research right away—and get paid for it.  Incoming students can work, earn, and learn in any area of research within the College.

Who qualifies?

All incoming first-year and transfer students enrolled in the College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science—including master's students in the professional degree category—can apply for the $1,100 assistantship award. If you use up the first year you will be eligible for a second year (only a handful will get a second year).

Why should I sign up?

You can explore your strengths, interests, and passions without waiting. It helps you find your path within the College as you get to know other students, faculty, and research scientists. You gain the kind of work experience that stands out on your résumé and job applications. 

What are my obligations?

If you sign up but don't have time to work once you get to Michigan Tech, you are not obligated in any way. Accepting a student assistantship position in the College does not mean you have to follow through, although we hope you do. Michigan Tech is an academically demanding school. Some students find they do not have time to work once classes begin, at least not in the first semester. Some students take time to adjust, and then choose to earn and learn during spring semester. It's up to you to decide whether and when you will work.

If you sign up and decide on another school, no worries! You are not obligated to Michigan Tech in any way. Your signed and returned assistantship award letter is just a way for us to estimate the number of students who might want to work during the next academic year.