Wood Protection Group

The Wood Protection Group (WPG) is an International Accreditation Service (IAS) accredited university research group conducting wood durability field and laboratory testing. Experimental results will be accepted by wood product governing bodies.  Specializing in testing the biological durability of wood and wood products, the accreditation covers 31 standard test methods including ASTM, American Wood Protection Association (AWPA), and National Window and Door Association (NWDA) standards, as well as internally developed test methods. 

Scope of Accreditation Standards

Overview of Accredited Research Testing 

Laboratory Testing of Wood Products

Field Decay and Termite Resistance Testing of Wood Products

Soil Block Decay, Soil Bed Decay and Mold Resistance Testing Ground Contact Field Decay Stakes and Depletion Rate Stakes
Thickness Swell, Water Absorption  Ground Proximity Decay and Termite Resistance
Specific Gravity, Density, and Moisture Content Above Ground Lap Joint Decay, L-Joint Decay, Siding Decay, and Depletion Rate
Chemical Leachability  
Internal Bond, Static Bending, Compression Testing Field Tests with Posts
Wood Composite Panel Manufacture and Pressure Treating

Field Test Sites in:


New Orleans


 Our mission is to foster the use of effective, environmentally benign additives that enhance the performance and durability of wood products in service through applied and basic research. 

  • We promote wood utilization in an environmentally conscientious manner that conserves our forests while meeting the needs of public demands.
  • We assist in the development of economically and environmentally sound wood preservative systems. 
  • We endeavor to understand how wood preservative systems interact with wood, decay fungi, and wood destroying insects. 
  • We provide technical and marketing support to the forest products industry, information to the general public, and technical expertise to the "customer".
  • We apply problem-solving technologies to advance and insure environmentally responsible and profitable growth in the forest products industries.  

This mission supports and confirms the broader mission of the College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science, and the corporate mission of Michigan Tech in education, at both graduate and undergraduate levels.