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Welcome to Husky Bites for Fall 2020

Q: Do I need to re-register? A: Yes, please!!

Husky Bites

Free 20-minute Interactive Zoom Webinars

Husky Bites Resumes Fall 2020, Starting September 14

Craving some brain food?

Come have dinner Monday 6 p.m. EST with Dean Janet Callahan and faculty guests. Grab some supper (or just flop down on your couch) and learn something new. Hosted by the College of Engineering at Michigan Technological University and featuring faculty who present 20 minute interactive webinars with time after for Q&A. Join us early at 5:45 p.m. for conversation and a weather update.

This family-friendly event is BYOC (bring your own curiosity). Starting September 14 and held weekly through December.

Fall Schedule - Check Back for Updates

Event Speaker Blog Story Zoom Facebook YouTube
September 14 Joshua Pearce with Megan Kreiger 3D Printing Waste into Profit Sept. 14 Pre-show
Sept. 14 Webinar
Sept. 14 Stream  
September 21 Bill Sproule
with John Scott
Houghton, Michigan Tech, and the Stanley Cup Sept. 21 Pre-show 
Sept. 21 Webinar
Sept. 21 Stream  
September 28 Sarah Sun
with George Ochieze
Nice Shirt! Embroidered Electronics and Motion-Powered Devices Sept. 28 Pre-show
Sept. 28 Webinar
Sept. 28 Stream Sept. 28 Video
October 5 Orhan Soykan
with Tim Kolesar
Prolific Inventing Oct. 5 Pre-show
Oct. 5 Webinar
Oct. 5 Stream Oct. 5 Video
October 12 Erik Herbert
with Iver Anderson
Holy Grail! Energy Storage on the Nanoscale Oct. 12 Pre-show
Oct. 12 Webinar
Oct. 12 Stream Oct. 12 Video
October 19 Tim Havens
with Hanieh Deilamsalehy
Warm and Fuzzy Machine Learning Oct. 19 Pre-show
Oct. 19 Webinar
na Oct. 19 Video
October 26 Paul Bergstrom with Tom Wallner Nanoscaled Epic Fails! Oct. 26 Pre-show
Oct. 26 Webinar
Oct. 26 Stream Oct. 26 Video
November 2 Mary Raber
with Brad Turner
Solving Wicked Problems      
November 9 David Shonnard with Felix Adom Waste Plastics are Taking Over the World and The Solution is Circular      
November 16 Bill Endres
with Haley Edie, Ethan Twardy, and Theo Wachowski
Pivoting During the Pandemic: From Covid to Codes      
November 23 Marty Lagina
with Bill Predebon
Say YES to the Quest: Reflections, Energy and Adventure!      
November 30 Pengfei Xue 
with Guy Meadows
From Severe to Extreme: Modeling Climate Change and Coastal Hazards on the Great Lakes      
December 7 Raymond Shaw with Will Cantrell Lake Superior in My Driveway: Lake Effect Snow in the Keweenaw      

Who should come?

Everyone—future students, friends, family, alumni, and our MTU family, all are welcome. Please join us for some adventure and fun.

Zoom Webinar

Prizes for near perfect attendance!

Zoom Registration

For those that have already registered, look for your Husky Bites Confirmation email or Reminder: Husky Bites starts in 1 hour email and use the Click Here to Join link.

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Visit the Michigan Tech College of Engineering page at 6 p.m. on Mondays.

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Janet Callahan

Janet Callahan

Dean, College of Engineering

"Welcome and thank you everyone for joining us! We’re recording the webinars this summer and posting them in case you’re busy one Monday."Janet Callahan

Why do we also need modeling if we can succeed in an experiment?

Paul Bergstrom