College of Engineering

Recent PhD Graduates

Anticipated for 2019

Chong Cao

Chong Cao

Study of Electric Vehicle-Grid Integration System and PEV Charging Control Strategies in the Power Distribution Systems

Venkata Chundru

Development of a 2D SCR Catalyst on a Diesel Particulate Filter Model for Design and Control Applications to a Ultra Low NOX Aftertreatment System

Elizaveta Egorova

Elizaveta Egorova

Development of the Coil Volume Method for Time-Domain Simulation of Internal Faults in Transformers

Ulises Gracida Alvarez

Ulises Gracida Alvarez

Sustainable Production of Chemicals and Fuels from the Fast Pyrolysis of Waste Polyolefin Plastics

Brad Nelson

A Smart Implantable Bone Fixation Plate Providing Strain Actuation and Monitoring for Orthopedic Fracture Healing

Mohammadhossein Sadeghiamirshahidi

Investigation of Long Term Pillar Stability in an Abandoned Gypsum Mine Based on Dissolution Models

Robert Schroeter

Characterization of the Post Injection Behavior of Gasoline Direct Injection Fuel Injectors

Soroush Sepahyar

Soroush Sepahyar

Influence of Micro-Nucleate Boiling on Annular Flow Regime Heat Transfer Coefficient and Flow Parameters of Water in High Heat-Flux Flow Boiler

Padmalathika Varanasi

Characterization and Transformation of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) in Engineered Ultraviolet (UV) Photolysis and UV-Based Advanced Oxidation Processes

Jaya Raghavendra Arun Kumar Yellajosula

Implementation and Investigation of IEC 61850 Based GOOSE and SV Services for Wide-Area Protection and Automation