Student Stories

Built World Enterprise students with their bench scale model of Dollar Bay.
The 34th annual WERC Environmental Design Contest took place at New Mexico State University. The MTU team created a bench-scale model of Dollar Bay.
“I will never forget being with my team and hearing them call our name for first place for our bench-scale model.”
Francine Rosinski ’24, Environmental Engineering, on the WERC Environmental Design Contest
“The Earth’s natural resources are vital, key components for us to sustain everyday life. We need to make sure that these resources are preserved for future generations. People working in the geosciences field are the ones that will help make this possible and I want to be one of those people.”Natalie Sorensen, geological engineering student, in an undergraduate essay for AIPG in The Professional Geologist
Jazz illustration showing a trumpet and video game controller.
Michigan Tech Music, part of the Michigan Tech Visual and Performing Arts Department, offers ten music performance groups: bands, orchestra, jazz, and choral ensembles.
“Alex Kiel '27, computer engineering major also minoring in jazz studies, and fifth year chemical engineering major Ciara LaRouche are part of the Video Game Jazz Ensemble at Michigan Tech. The ensemble is a student-led jazz combo who specialize in video game jazz covers.”Michigan Tech Visual and Performing Arts
“Students in this exhibition hail from many schools, colleges and departments across the university. Come see the creative work of artists who connect with their world and one another across differences in the context of art classes including Art & Nature, Creative Drawing, Color & Creativity, and Creative Practices.”Michigan Tech Art