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Summer Youth Programs

Michigan Tech’s Summer Youth Programs (SYP) is not your ordinary summer camp! SYP offers over 50 different career and adventure explorations for grades 6-11. Learn new software, rappel down a cliff, fly an airplane, cast molten metal, build a robot, produce a film, or backpack on an island. . .the opportunities are endless! It’s also a great chance to experience college life at Michigan Tech. Stay on campus, or commute.

SYP offers more than 20 different engineering, science, technology, and computing explorations. Learn about the Engineering Scholars Program, Women in Engineering, and the National Summer Transportation Institute. Check out the full menu or apply for an SYP Scholarship.

Additional On Campus Opportunities

Additional Off Campus Opportunities

“Michigan Tech’s Engineering Scholars program is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn and explore their interests in STEM.”Andy Ault, Senior Vice President of Manufacturing, Hemlock Semiconductor
“It is one of the things that got me into engineering, and here I am now.”Kinley Lyons, fourth year chemical engineering student, on the Western U.P. STEM Fair