Recruiting our Students

Company representative recruiting students for a co-op.

Recruit the Best

Michigan Tech engineering graduates have a well-earned reputation for hitting the ground running. We work hard to ensure our curriculum maintains that edge. Each year more than 250 businesses, corporations, and organizations come to Michigan Tech from around the world to conduct interviews with our students. As a result, on average, 98 percent of our students are employed within their field of study, enlist in the military or are enrolled in graduate school within six months of graduation. Many have multiple job offers.

Co-ops and Internships

Another outstanding program at Michigan Tech is the co-op program, which spans across the US, Europe, and Asia. Nearly 2,000 registered co-op employers and over 500 graduate and undergraduate students participate annually.

Career Services

The Michigan Tech Career Center offers a variety of services an events—including two major career fairs each October and February—designed to give organizations the most visibility on campus, and provide the best qualified candidates for full-time jobs, co-ops, and internships.