PhD Degree Requirements

Doctor of Philosophy text

Below is a brief overview of the doctor of philosophy degree requirements within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. For a full explanation of requirements, please visit the Graduate School’s Doctor of Philosophy requirements page.

General considerations:

  • A minimum of 60 credits of approved coursework and research (30 credits beyond a Master’s Degree) is required.
  • 1 credit of Advanced Responsible Conduct of Research is required for all graduate students who entered the program after Spring 2013. Use the Self Audit tool to ensure that the credit you select to satisfy your Advanced RCR requirement can also be counted towards your PhD.
  • You must earn a grade of BC or better in all EE courses; C or better for non EE courses. (BC/C grades may only be used up to six (6) credits.)
  • You must have your advisor's approval. See Recommended course sequences for various research options.
  • Audit - Use this audit worksheet to calculate if your credits meet the requirements for a PhD.

If you already have an MS degree:

  • 18 classroom (non EE 6990) credits are required with a minimum of 9 credits in EE 5000-6000, and a minimum of 3 credits being 4000-level or higher from the College of Engineering (non EE), Physics, Mathematics, or Computer Science.

If you don't have an MS degree:

  • Direct PhD:
    • A minimum of 21 credits in EE 5000-6000 (non EE 6990), and a minimum of 6 credits being 4000-level courses or higher from the College of Engineering (non EE) Physics, Mathematics, or Computer Science.
  • MS + PhD:
    • The path to MS + PhD is 30 credits of approved coursework plus 30 additional credits, subject to advisor approval.


Additional Requirements