Currently Certified Michigan Tech Online Course Reviewers


Reviewer Department Date Certified
Toorongian,  Jeff Center for Teaching & Learning 03/15/16
Freeman, Thom Center for Teaching & Learning 05/3/16
Wanless, Linda Center for Teaching & Learning 01/21/19
Ye, Dan Center for Teaching & Learning 10/07/19
Kemppainen, Amber Engineering Fundamentals 01/31/19
Archer, Glen Electrical & Computer Engineering  02/12/19
Meyer, Libby  Visual and Performing Arts 03/16/19
Leinonen,  Jonathan  Business and Economics   03/20/19
Oommen, Thomas  Geological & Mining Engineering & Sciences  04/2/19
Oliveira, Aurenice  Electrical and Computer Engineering  05/23/19
Peters, Susanna  Social Sciences  07/22/19
Irwin,  John  Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology


Hristova, Stefka Humanities


Bergstrom, Maria Humanities


Arney, Todd College of Computing 10/25/19
Tewari, Radheshyam Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics 11/14/19
 Jacob, Dany Humanities 11/20/19
Strickland, Ronald Humanities 03/19/20
Choi, Chang Kyoung Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics 03/19/20
Dissanayake, Nadun Mathematical Sciences 03/25/20
Johnson, Jaclyn Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics 03/26/20
Amador, Carlos Humanities 04/20/20
Wellstead, Adam Social Sciences 05/10/20
Hugh Gorman Social Sciences 01/29/20
Galliah, Shelly Humanities 05/20/20
Masoud, Hassan Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics 04/23/20
Slough, William Physics 11/27/19
Portfleet, Jess Visual and Performing Arts 09/05/19
Barkdoll, Brian Civil, Environmental, and Geospatial Engineering 08/07/19
Morse, Audra Civil, Environmental, and Geospatial Engineering 04/03/19
King, Todd Mathematical Sciences 11/10/20
Molzon, Ray Mathematical Sciences 01/25/21
Zhang, Kui Mathematical Sciences 01/26/21
 Sun, Jiguang Mathematical Sciences 03/17/21
Arney, Chad Center for Teaching & Learning 04/14/21
Thompson, Marty Chemistry 04/22/21
Woods, Roger Business and Economics  05/08/21
Smith, Samantha Cognitive Learning and Sciences 05/20/21
Hollingsworth, Jeffrey Civil, Environmental, and Geospatial Engineering 05/21/21
Reyes Hurtado, Mauricio Physics 06/09/21
Pati, Ranjit Physics 06/09/21
Fick, Brian Physics 06/16/21
Johnson, Dana College of Engineering 06/16/21
Tislar, Kay Cognitive Learning and Sciences 06/16/21
Black, Katrina Physics 06/24/21
Borysow, Jacek Physics 06/24/21
Pandey, Ravindra Physics 06/30/21
Kedmon Hungwe Cognitive Learning and Sciences 06/30/21
Shaw, Amanda Physics 07/09/21
Woods, Teresa Mathematical Sciences 08/06/21
Nance, Jennifer Humanities 07/23/21
Mornin, Brigitte Biological Sciences 11/05/21
Wakeham, Travis Biological Sciences 11/05/21
Archer, Ruth Enterprise Program 11/18/21
Meyer, Mike Physics 11/23/21
Guth, Alexandria Provost Office 11/30/21
Hersch-Green, Erika Biological Sciences 12/01/21
Buche, Mari  College of Business 07/26/22
Meckler, Adam
Visual and Performing Arts