Faculty Recognition

Academy of Teaching Excellence

The Michigan Tech Academy of Teaching Excellence was established in 1998 to recognize those who have demonstrated continued dedication to and support of the University's teaching mission. Academy membership is comprised of finalists for the annual Distinguished Teaching Awards and the Fredrick D. Williams Instructional Innovation Award.

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Name College or Department
2024 Jennifer Becker

Civil, Environmental and Geospatial Engineering

  J.W. Hammond


  Carsten Külheim

College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science

  Xin Li

College of Business

  Jennifer Nish


  Gord Paterson


  Kerri Sleeman

Civil, Environmental and Geospatial Engineering

  Paul Weiss


  Charles Wallace

Computer Science

2023 Thomas Adolphs


  Chad Deering

Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences

  Kyle Griffin

Chemical Engineering

  Mickey Jarvi

Forest Resources and Environmental Science

  Robert Larson

Biological Sciences

2021 Leyre Alegre-Figuero


  Briana Bettin Computer Science
  Claire Danielson Biological Sciences
  Smitha Rao Hatti Biomedical Engineering
  Stefka Hristova Humanities
  Adam Meckler Visual and Performing Arts
  Junhong Min College of Business
2020 Melissa Baird  Social Sciences
  Nancy Barr Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  Michael Christianson Visual and Performing Arts
  John Durocher Biological Sciences
  Mike Hyslop  Forest Resources and Environmental Science
  Julia King Chemical Engineering
  Ulrich Schmelzle College of Business
2019 Molly Cavaleri Forest Resources and Environmental Science
2018 Andrew Barnard Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  Heather Knewtson Business and Economics
  Amy Marcarelli Biological Sciences
  Stephen Techtmann Biological Sciences
  Ebenezer Tumban Biological Sciences
  Richelle Winkler Social Sciences
2017 Sheila Milligan Business and Economics
  Brigitte Morin Biological Sciences
  Jeffrey Wall Business and Economics
2016 Yu Cai Technology
  Chang Kyoung Choi Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  Ali Ebnenasir Computer Science
  Andrew Galerneau Chemistry
  Lisa Johnson de Gordillo Visual and Performing Arts
  Ann Maclean Forest Resources and Environmental Science
  Joel Neves Visual and Performing Arts
  Min Wang Mathematical Sciences
2015 Todd Arney Technology
  William Breffle Business and Economics
  Joseph Bump Forest Resources and Environmental Science
  Mary Carol Friedrich Visual and Performing Arts
  Danny Miller Technology
  Gregory Odegard Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
2014 Theresa (Tess) Ahlborn Civil and Environmental Engineering
  Jason Blough Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  Tarun Dam Chemistry
  William Kennedy Cognitive and Learning Sciences
  Sumit Paudyal Electrical and Computer Engineering
2013 Jared Anderson Visual and Performing Arts
  Frank Christiana Aerospace Studies
  Bruce Mork Electrical and Computer Engineering
  Nilufer Onder Computer Science
  Kazuya Tajiri Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
2012 Mary Durfee Social Sciences
  Timothy Eisele Chemical Engineering
  John Jaszczak Physics
  Adrienne Minerick Chemical Engineering
  Elizabeth Reed Mathematical Sciences
  Valorie Troesch Institute for Leadership and Innovation
  Thomas Werner Biological Sciences
  Anne Warrington Business and Economics
2011 Brian Barkdoll Civil and Environmental Engineering
  John Beard Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  Jeffrey Burl Electrical and Computer Engineering
  Andrew Burton Forest Resources and Environmental Science
  Stephen Hackney Materials Science and Engineering
  Jacqueline Huntoon Geological and Mining Engineering and Science
  Philip Kendall Mathematical Sciences
  Scott Miers Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  Jeffrey Naber Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  Christopher Plummer Visual and Performing Arts
  Rupak Rajachar Biomedical Engineering
  Sheryl Sorby Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  David Wanless Technology
  Wayne Weaver Electrical and Computer Engineering
  Roger Woods Business and Economics
  Jeremy Worm Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
2010 Jeffrey Allen Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  Natalia Crespo Humanities
  Megan Frost Biomedical Engineering
  Tammy Haut Donahue Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  Yun Hang Hu Materials Science and Engineering
  Dana Johnson Business and Economics
  Jason Keith Chemical Engineering
  Chalres Margraves Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  Kette Thomas Humanities
2009 John Lukowski Electrical and Computer Engineering
  Michael Meyer Physics
  Michael Roggemann Electrical and Computer Engineering
  Marika Seigel Humanities
  Aleksandr Sergeyev Technology
  Jindong Tan Electrical and Computer Engineering
  Christopher Webster Forest Resources and Environmental Science
2008 Mari Buche Business and Economics
  John Daavettila Technology
  Randall Freisinger Humanities
  Ryan Gilbert Biomedical Engineering
  Pasi Lautala Civil and Environmental Engineering
  Linda Nagel Forest Resources and Environmental Science
  David Orozco Business and Economics
2007 Thomas Drummer Mathematical Sciences
  Robert Froese Forest Resources and Environmental Science
  John Gershenson Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  James Hertel Engineering Fundamentals
  Robert Mark Business and Economics
  Blair Orr Forest Resources and Environmental Science
  Raymond Shaw Physics
  Bryan Suits Physics
2006 Brian Fick Physics
  Guy Hembroff Technology
  Carl Nesbitt Chemical Engineering
  Soner Onder Computer Science
  Judith Perlinger Civil and Environmental Engineering
  William Rose Geological and Mining Engineering and Science
2005 Ann Brady Humanities
  Paul Charlesworth Chemistry
  Tomas Co Chemical Engineering
  Karyn Fay Biological Sciences
  Michael Moore College of Engineering
  Charles Nelson Humanities
  Michael Powers Technology
  Robert Weidman Physics
2004 Sean Clancey Chemical Engineering
  Ann Humes Technology
  Chandrashekhar Joshi Forest Resources and Environmental Science
  Josh Loukus Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  David Pray Mathematical Sciences
  Terry Reynolds Social Sciences
2003 Gregg Bluth Geological and Mining Engineering and Science
  Paul Buda Technology
  Will Cantrell Physics
  Brian Davis Electrical and Computer Engineering
  Douglas Swenson Materials Science and Engineering
  Joel Tuoriniemi Business and Economics
2002 Susan Amato-Henderson Education
  Heidi Bostic Humanities
  William Cooke Biomedical Engineering
  Karl Rundman Materials Science and Engineering
  William Sproule Civil and Environmental Engineering
  Lawrence Sutter Technology
2001 Lawrence Evers Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  David Flaspohler Forestry and Wood Products
  Dennis Lynch Humanities
  John Sandell Technology
  Dennis Wiitanen Electrical and Computer Engineering
2000 Sheila Grant Biomedical Engineering
  Dean Johnson Business and Economics
  Brian VanVoorst Computer Science
  Anne Wysocki Humanities
  Craig Friedrich Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  Martin Jurgensen Forestry and Wood Products
  O. Francis Otuonye Mining Engineering
  L. Bogue Sandberg Civil and Environmental Engineering
1999 Anthony Farrell Technology
  Michael Irish Fine Arts
  Kris Mattila Civil and Environmental Engineering
  David Olson Mathematical Sciences
  Gordon Parker Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  Suzanne Stephens Fine Arts
1998 Duane Abata Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  Betsy Aller Chemical Engineering
  Ashok Ambardar Electrical Engineering
  C. Robert Baillod Civil and Environmental Engineering
  Mary Ann Beckwith Fine Arts
  Jeffrey Bell-Hanson Fine Arts
  William Bulleit Civil Engineering
  Peck Cho Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  Donald Daavettila Physics
  Cheryl DePuydt Physical Education
  Jimmy Diehl Geological Engineering and Sciences
  Thomas Ellis Chemical Engineering
  Harold Evensen Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  Janice Glime Biological Sciences
  William Gregg Geological Engineering
  Amy Hietapelto Business and Economics
  Ralph Horvath Electrical Engineering
  Dennis Lewandowski Mathematical Sciences
  Paul Lewis Electrical Engineering
  Donna Michalek Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  Kurtis Paterson Civil and Environmental Engineering
  Anton Pintar Chemical Engineering
  Mark Plichta Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
  William Predebon Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  Kirk Schulz Chemical Engineering
  Allan Struthers Mathematical Sciences
  Ghatu Subhash Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  John Sutherland Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  Grace Swartz Chemistry
  Madhukar Vable Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  Charles VanKarsen Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  Warren Weingarten Technology
  Fredrick Williams Chemistry