Computer Science

Theses and Dissertations

Graduate Student Title Advisor Year
Qin, Zhitao Access Control Programming Library and Exploration System Jean Mayo 2015
Ma, Jun Analysis and Visualization of Flow Fields Using Information-Theoretic Techniques and Graphs-Based Representations Ching-Kiang Shane
Chaoli Wang
Li, Li Generating Plans in Concurrent, Probabilistic, Over-Subscribed Domains Nulifer Onder 2015
Jin, Zhaoxiang Mower: A New Design for Non-Blocking Misprediction Recovery - 2015
Hu, Lihui A Firewall Model of File System Security Jean Mayo 2014
Lu, Zhe Automatic Labeling of RSS Articles Using Online Latent Dirichlet Allocation Laura Brown 2014
Stomberg, Joshua C. A Comparative Study and Evaluation of Collaborative Recommendation Systems Laura Brown 2014
Nyew, Hui Meen Mining and Verification of Temporal Events with Applications in Computer Micro-Architecture Research Nilufer Onder 2014
Su, Jianhai Modularity Based Fuzzy Community Detection in Social Networks Timothy C Havens 2014
Brown, Christopher Duane An Experience-Driven Pedagogy for Instruction of Software Testing in Computer Science Robert Pastel 2013
Walker, James Conversion of Domain Type Enforcement Language to the Java Security Manager Steven Carr
Jean Mayo
Fisher, Trevor D. Effective Function Choice in the R Scripting Language Zhenlin Wang 2013
Zhang, Huan Animated Transition in Similarity-Based Tiled Image Layout Chaoli Wang 2012
Farahat, Aly M. Automated Design of Self-Stabilization Ali Ebnenasir 2012
Ding, Shuhan Future Value Based Single Assignment Program Representations and Optimizations Soner Onder 2012
Li, Xiang Poplar Gene Expression Data Analysis Pipelines Hairong Wei 2012
King, Harriet Cook Understanding "Just Enough" Computer Users: Motivation Style and Proficiency Charles Wallace 2012
Zhao, Weiming Memory Resource Balancing For Virtualized Computing Zhenlin Wang 2011
Larson, Dustin Blackett and Burman Analysis to Select Effective Compiler Optimizations Steven M. Carr
Zhenlin Wang
Slepak, Justin R. Potential for Hardware-Based Techniques for Reuse Distance Analysis Steven M. Carr
Zhenlin Wang
Gao, Chunming Study of Accelerometer Assisted Single Key Positioning User Input Systems Jindong Tan
Robert Louis Pastel
Zhang, Hang Systemic Analysis of Microarray Data Sets Towards Identifying Genes Regulating Root Development Hairong Wei 2011
Franklin, Bryan M. Analysis and Performance of a UPC Implementation of a Parallel Longest Common Subsequence Algorithm Steven R Seidel 2009
Zhou, Peng Fine-grain State Processors Onder 8/09
Ma, Yin Register Pressure Guided Loop Optimization Carr 9/07
Stalsberg-Zarling, Krista Liquid-Gas Phase Coupling by Means of Lagrange Polynomials for the CFD Simulation of High-Velocity Dense Sprays Tanner 5/07
Zhang, Zhang A Performance Model for Unified Parallel C Seidel 12/06
Fang, Changpeng Instruction-based Memory Distance Analysis and Its Application Carr 9/06
Srinivasan, Seshasai Instruction-based Memory Distance Analysis and It's Application Tanner 9/06
Shamir, Lior Astronomical Pipeline Using Fuzzy Logic Nemiroff 2/06
Wang, Xinli Detection of Global Predicates in Dynamic Systems Mayo 9/05
Li, Hanyi Comprehensive Evaluation and Optimization of Satellite-based Empirical, Semi-analytical and Neural Network Bio-optical Algorithms for Central Lake Superior Budd 12/04
Qian, Yi Loop Transformations for Clustered VLIW Architectures Steven M Carr 2002
Schemm, Evan Improving Icache Hit Rates in ILP Architectures Sweany 8/02

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