Theses and Dissertations


  • Jaclyn Barnes (Ph.D. in Computer Science): Toward a Longitudinal Program of In Situ Social Robotics Research and Informal STEAM Education. Download
  • Nicholas R. Hamilton (M.S. in Computer Science): Synthetic Augmentation Methods for Object Detection in Ocerhead Imagery. Download
  • Saano Murembya (M.S. in Computer Science): Ortogognal Range Skyline Queries. Download
  • Tino C. Moore (M.S. in Computer Science): Poor Man's Treace Cache: A Variable Delay Slt Architecture. Download
  • Robert Watling (M.S. in Computer Science): Exploring High Performance and Energy Effecient Graph Processing on GPU. Download
  • Andrew Youngstrom (M.S. in Cybersecurity): Exploring Different Mediums for Teaching Programming and Cybersecurity in Primary and Secondary Schools. Download


  • Justin Martin: Virtual Machine Introspection Tool Design. Download
  • Jiban Krishna Adhikary: Intelligent Techniques to Accelerate Everyday Text Communication. Download
  • Charles Warren: An Analysis of Compressive Convolutional Autoencoders for Image Archiving In Medical Informatics. Download
  • Kurush Kasad: Eager Scheduling of Dependent Instructions. Download
  • Jonathan C. Parks: Exploring Interpretations and Consequences of Michigan's Expungement Statue through Formal Modeling and Analysis. Download


  • Dante Paglia: A Software Tool for Using an Augmented Reality Sandbox to Calculate Volume change. Download
  • Crystal Massoglia: Blind Direct Walking Distance Judgment Research: A Best Practices Guide. Download
  • R. Habibi: Detecting Surface Interactions via a Wearable Microphone to Improve Augmented Reality Text Entry. Download
  • Junyao Yang: Efficient Modeling of Random Sampling-Based LRU Cache. DownloadSiva Krishna Kakula: Explainable Feature- and Decision-Level Fusion. Download
  • Zach DeKraker: Modeling Human Visual Detection Using Deep Networks. Download
  • Jinxiang Liu: Prediction of Coincident Peak Days in Electricity System: A Case Study for Classification on Imbalanced Data.
  • Dylan C. Gaines: Towards Location-Independent Eyes-Free Text Entry. Download
  • Taylor Morris: Using Text Mining and Machine Learning Classifiers to Analyze Stack Overflow. Download
  • Siva Krishna Kakula: Explainable Feature-and Decision-level Fusion. Download.


  • Ann Ciesla: A Framework for Building Assessment and Learning Tools for Digital Skills. Download
  • Leo C. Ureel II: Critiquing Antipatterns In Novice Code. Download
  • Görkem Aşılıoğlu: Dynamic Dependency Collapsing. Download

Ali Jalooli: Enabling Technologies for Internet of Things: Optimized Networking for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles.

  • Prathyusha Sreedhara: Hometracker: A Household Level Field Intervention and Metabolism Tracker.
  • Marissa L. Walther: MatlabTA: A Style Critiquer For Novice Engineering Students. Download
  • Briana Christina Bettin: The Stained Glass of Knowledge: On Understanding Novice Mental Models of Computing. Download


  • Man Wang: Accessible Access Control: A Visualization System for Access Control Policy Management. Download
  • Sophia Farquhar: A Critical Review of Current Approaches and Practices in Computing Ethics Education. Download
  • Jason Hiebel: Contextual Bandit Modeling for Dynamic Runtime Control in Computer Systems. Download
  • Kusuma Pallapotu: Data Set Genration Using Deep Learning Algorithms and Visual Feature Tracking. Download
  • Nichole Mackey: Hometracker: A Household Information Feedback System for Food/Energy/Water Metabolism. Download


  • Fraggle Franklin: Automatic Selection of MapReduce Machine Learning Algorithms: A Model Building Approach. Download
  • Jiban Krishna Adhikary: Investigating Midair Virtual Keyboard Input Using A Head Mounted Display. Download
  • Zhaoxiang Jin: Mitigating the Effect of Misspeculations in Superscalar Processors. Download
  • Wei Kuang: Modeling Data Center Co-Tenancy Performance Interference. Download
  • Daniel Byrne: mPart: Miss Ratio Curve Guided Partitioning in Key-Value Stores. Download


  • Mugdha P. Degaonkar: An interactive approach to teaching Discrete Structures using Alloy and POGIL.
  • Avinash Subramanian: Blossom STTM Hub - An Online Tool for Designing STTM Vectors and Visualizing Phenotypic Changes of STTM Transgenic Lines. Download
  • Bochao Li: Distance Perception in Virtual Environment through Head-mounted Displays. Download
  • Li Gou: Guaranteed Rendezvous for Cognitive Radio Networks Based on Cycle Length. Download
  • James Walker: Improving Everyday Computing Tasks with Head-Mounted Displays. Download
  • Linjia Hu: Massively Parallel Algorithms for Point Cloud Based Object Recognition on Heterogeneous Architecture. Download
  • Ridwan Ahmed Khan: Musical Exercise for People with Visual Impairments. Download
  • Jaclyn Barnes: Musical Robot Dance Freeze for Children.
  • Jialin Lei: Online Data Analysis Pipelines for Top-Down Graphical Gaussian Model (GGM), Bottom-Up GGM and Sparse Partial Least Square.


  • Shreya Kumar: Communication Patterns and Strategies in Software Development Communities of Practice. Download
  • Ruimin Zhang: Improving Navigation and Spatial Judgments in Head-Mounted Displays.
  • Timothy R. Ward: Information Technology and Computer Science Education at St. Patrick's College in the Republic of Vanautu. Download
  • Paul J. Bonamy: Maia and Mandos: Tools for Integrity Protection on Arbitrary Files. Download
  • Amer Tahat: On the Applications of Interactivce Theorem Proving in Computational Sciences and Engineering. Download
  • Alex Klinkhamer: On the Limits and Practice of Automatically Designing Self-Stabilization. Download
  • Abhilash Kantamneni: Towards a Generic Ontology for Solar Irradiance Forecasting. Download